Presentations 2019

Konstantin Karpalov

  • actively develops the affiliate fintech sector;  
  • has designed and implemented a marketing strategy for Moneyveo;
  • has advised companies from various countries on payday & installment loans i
Oleg Cherkaskiy
Head of Product

  • deals with product management, marketing and development of traffic sources at SEOBrothers (Gambling, Betting);
  • expert in gray business niches (gambling, dating, essay);
  • was responsible for
  • w
Andrey Kapeltsov

George Rysak
Head of SEO Department

  • head of SEO at Develux, which deals with software development;
  • SEO specialist with 4 years of experience;
  • author of SeoBAG Telegram channel about peculiarities of SEO for websites;
  • Leads hi
Vadim Volochniuk

  • co-founder of the Improve Team arbitrage specialists team consisting of 16 people. Its turnover for 2020 accounted to $800,000;
  • has been working in traffic arbitrage/lead generation for 4 yea
Vladimir Luchaninov

  • holds an R&D position at;
  • has been working in the gambling niche for 13 years;
  • headed marketing teams for various GEO;
  • has been a speaker at specialized international
  • a
Egor Shvaiuk

  • works as a webmaster/link builder;
  • experience in SEO since 2016;
  • ex-marketer at,;
  • since 2019, has been implementing projects in the iGaming niche.


Artem Kuzmenko

Oleh Derlyuk
Managing Partner

  • Head of the Committee on IT Law at the Ukrainian Bar Association;
  • implemented over 70 projects in IT, fintech and e-commerce;
  • 3 years of experience as a Managing Partner at Stron internation
Chesanovskyi Roman
Co-founder of the arbitration team

  • More than 4 years creates chatbots;
  • certified messenger marketer with ROI 707%;
  • launched 100 funnels through chatbots;
  • together with the arbitration team "Lead Kitchen" makes 300 deposits/d
Viktor Komarenko
Cofounder and CSO

Yuri Titkov

  • manages a holding that includes marketing agency Digital Chain, Vadideo CPM network, Papa Karlo CPA network, Netcraft SEO agency and Copylancer copywriting exchange;
  • has 20 years of experienc
Viacheslav Marukhin
Founder & CEO