It Is an Efficient and Perfect Platform for Experience Exchange: Halyna Vertsymaha, Head of the Department of Administrative and Common Services Markets, About AMCU

It Is an Efficient and Perfect Platform for Experience Exchange: Halyna Vertsymaha, Head of the Department of Administrative and Common Services Markets, About AMCU

Halyna Vertsymaha, a representative of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, reveals the importance of public discussions of gambling legalization bills and the terms required to adopt them in a mini-interview with Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference. We talked to the expert at the conference on December 18.

Halyna is the Head of the Department of administrative and common services markets at the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU). She has been working at AMCU for 16 years, three of them in the executive position.

Interviewer: Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference (KiAC)

Respondent: Halyna Vertsymaha (H.V.)

KiAC: How can public discussions of gambling legalization bills help to create comfortable conditions for industry development?

H.V.: In any case, I believe that law-drafting activities should not be conducted behind the scenes and closely. It is primarily referred to an industry requiring special skills, understanding, and particular experience that should be adopted, as the best practices already exist. Ukraine is not the first country legalizing or desiring to legalize gambling businesses. Consequently, everything should be implemented publicly.

Naturally, there is a risk that the open development and discussion can lead lawmakers to a certain direction. I mean a lobbying aspect.

Everyone’s opinion should be heard. However, one has to elaborate a document aimed at strict regulation, fair assessment of corporate operations, and requirements of companies to make the market evolve regardless of its potential players.

KiAC: When could the gambling legalization law be adopted according to your forecasts?

H.V.: It is hard to tell because of a great number of alternative bills currently registered. Reportedly, some of them will be combined. It is still unknown whether this will happen or not. The process is quite long and controversial, thus I cannot tell you that it will take place in one or two coming months.

Alternative bills and different visions postpone the adoption of the law for a long period.

The market will hardly start operating right after the adoption of the law. Market activation requires a certain time to establish a regulatory body if it is formed and to develop an online monitoring system. Therefore, the adoption of the law, its entering into force, and market activities will also take various time intervals.

KiAC: Please share your impressions about the conference. What did you like?

H.V.: I liked the diverseness of speakers and the various issues discussed. International and European experiences are quite useful. To my mind, it is valuable to both develop and apply certain provisions in bills. Therefore, it is an efficient and perfect platform for experience exchange.

KiAC: What topics did you like most of all?

H.V.: I liked a presentation dedicated to responsible gambling most of all among everything I managed to hear.

On December 18, Halyna Vertsymaha took part in a panel discussion titled “Transformation of the Gambling Market in Ukraine” at KiAC.

You can find the round table details here>>>

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