Meet the Participant of KiAC 2021 Demo Zone – Revpanda, a Marketing Agency For Promoting Gambling Projects

Meet the Participant of KiAC 2021 Demo Zone – Revpanda, a Marketing Agency For Promoting Gambling Projects

Interested in successful promotion of online gambling projects and attracting a high-quality audience? Then you should definitely check out Revpanda marketing company that will present its services in Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2021 demo zone on June 16.

Revpanda is a digital marketing agency that specializes in promoting projects in the gambling vertical. It is engaged in the development of highly effective marketing strategies, helping to attract the target audience and increase income.

The company's office is located in Riga, with its employees working all over the world.

The services provided by Revpanda include:

  • Development of websites of any complexity and their complete design.
  • SEO promotion. The agency applies the best gambling website optimization tactics, helping to reach the top in search results.
  • Link building. A network of links for the website to get the brand to the top in SERP.
  • Brand management.
  • Access to the CRM system. An effective customer database to keep the trust of the most loyal clients and attract a new audience.
  • Management of contextual advertising.
  • Multilingual copywriting: filling the website with quality texts in more than 70 languages.
  • Accurate translation of any text.

Revpanda's portfolio already includes more than 150 successful cases. Using traditional and innovative promotion techniques, the company helps its clients to successfully develop their business and get high profits.

Look for Revpanda's stand at KiAC 2021 demo zone, where you’ll be able to discover the services of the company, ask questions to its representatives and discuss the details of further cooperation.

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