Not Only Does the Traffic Quantity Matter, but Also Its Quality: RioBet Affiliates

Not Only Does the Traffic Quantity Matter, but Also Its Quality: RioBet Affiliates

In an interview with Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference, the team of RioBet Affiliates revealed the establishment of successful cooperation between operators and affiliates as well as secrets of efficient work with players.

RioBet Affiliates is an affiliate network for gambling arbitrage. The program is aimed at the long-term collaboration with partners, offering them various marketing tools, fixed fee, total transparency of reports, wide range of payment systems, and careful support.

We have talked to the RioBet Affiliates team in order to discover what conditions of partnership between affiliates and operators are considered to be the most appropriate and how legislative aspects affect the business performance.

Interviewer: Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference (KiAC)

Respondent: team of RioBet Affiliates (RioBet)

KiAC: What are the distinguish features of the RioBet program? Why is it interesting to partners?

RioBet: The affiliate program by RioBet Affiliates is a competitive size of deductions. We pay more than others: 60% within the first two months and 40-60% later on depending on the amount of the first deposits. You can find the detailed table on our website.

One more advantage is the simple promotion of a high-quality trusted product. We quite flexible in communication with partners and determination of collaboration terms. You can be sure in reaching a compromise beneficial to everyone.

KiAC: What methods of attracting partners do you think are the most efficient for operators as of today? What is on trend?

RioBet: Partners need to feel certain that their efforts will be rewarded fairly and generously. Therefore, the key way of attraction is a white project status among customers and the specialized community. Honesty, paying capacity, and reliability of the project. Another factor is a variety of promoted projects and a wide choice of tools. And, surely, the possibility to obtain custom promotion tools from the project.

KiAC: What common mistakes do operators face while working with affiliates? How to avoid them?

RioBet: Turning a deaf ear to partner’s opinion, requests, and wishes can be a serious error. It will keep any project from becoming interesting, popular, and commercially viable. You should seamlessly filter out inflated requirements from actually reasonable ones and try to comply with partners’ expectations as much as possible without breaking your own value system.

KiAC: What operator’s characteristics should affiliates cooperate with? And what aspects are suspicious?

RioBet: Operators that do not check affiliates for quality are suspicious. Do not forget that affiliates mean partners, and any kind of partnership supposes certain correspondence and mutual responsibility of participants engaged in the same deal. The absence of requirements should be perceived as the absence of responsibility for future payments and project destiny. You should cooperate with firmly established platforms that can carry on a proper dialogue and know their own value.

KiAC: How can affiliates benefit from the gambling sector?

RioBet: Advantages of gambling business primarily include one of the highest percentage of affiliate deductions.

KiAC: How can webmasters affect the traffic quality?

RioBet: The traffic quality is defined by webmasters. Traffic generated by webmasters passes specified parameters, which are nothing short of features and characteristics. If you attract users searching only for ‘how to play without any expenses’ or motivated traffic, revenues and fees will be corresponding. Not only does the traffic quantity matter, but also its quality.

KiAC: What is the impact of legislative aspects on the efficiency of operators and affiliates?

RioBet: Legislative issues on behalf of payment systems are not quite severe like it happens on gambling platforms. Resource blocking definitely affects. Thus, we recommend to diversify resources in order to receive not only prompt but also reliable and long-term profit.

You will be able to discover more about gambling privileges for affiliates and fruitful cooperation between affiliate programs and webmasters at Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference.

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