Traffic Generation Is as Easy as Pie: Tatiana Nasonova, CEO at

Traffic Generation Is as Easy as Pie: Tatiana Nasonova, CEO at

In an interview with Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference, Tatiana Nasonova, CEO at, talks about efficient methods of traffic generation, successful creatives, and specific nature of blogger cooperation.

Tatiana is CEO, Marketer, Traffic Manager, and Brand Ideologist at an affiliate program – She is the author of popular specialized public pages called 'Tough Arbitrage of St. Petersburg' and Black Inc.

Tatiana explained us what efficient creatives should look like and what bloggers are worth cooperating. We are going to share this information with you.

Interviewer: Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference (KiAC)

Respondent: Tatiana Nasonova (T.N.)

KiAC: Tell us about fruitful methods of traffic generation on gambling and betting platforms. What social networks allow to reach the best results? Why?

T.N.: The same mobile apps are viable in conjunction with Facebook, Telegram channels with Facebook, or Telegram traffic. YouTube streamers and other video platforms, as well as Instagram bloggers, are also a source of traffic.

Besides, we use mobile apps loaded on Google Play or App Store. Such a traffic accounts for approximately 70% of total traffic volume of our ad buys and network partners.

KiAC: What kind of creatives can attract players?

T.N.: Creatives can be different, as they affect 70% of traffic quality. Target creatives provide the most expensive and high-quality traffic resulting in great ROI (return on investment) for advertisers.

Target creatives mean creatives applying spinning slots. Looking at them, people immediately realize what we will talking about and whether they need it or not. In other words, this kind of creatives definitely engages only the target audience.

KiAC: How to generate traffic of casino mobile apps? What methods and approaches are appropriate here?

T.N.: Traffic generation is as easy as pie. If you are a webmaster, you should somewhere obtain this very app. We,, can assist you herein. Our company gives apps to all webmasters according to any offers, and it makes it for free.

Our managers send a guide, you follow it, and presto, our app is bound to your advertising account. Afterwards, there is one little thing left: adjust target, put in a link, and add a creative.

We advise webmasters to apply target creatives because, despite the high cost of conversion, advertisers are ready to pay more for such traffic, which equals out ROI to the necessary size. This way will allow you to work for a long time, as you won’t be cut off with this type of creatives.

KiAC: How to determine actual influencers on social media? How to promote gambling resources along with them?

T.N.: You should not be bent on channels and pages with millions of subscribers. It is better to look for minor bloggers with the audience of up to 300,000 users. This is the gold mine. But keep silence. Bloggers are responsible for advertising (obviously, after your approval). It makes no sense to offer their ad posts to their audience being unfamiliar to you. They will have no results in 90% of the cases.

KiAC: What criteria should arbitrage specialists rely on when selecting an affiliate program? What aspects should be taken into account?

T.N.: Just testing. You never know where you find a proper offer, manager, and team. I would recommend, a top СРА network with an extremely huge range of Gambling&Betting offers. We receive traffic from almost all GEOs and provide webmasters with the best rate conditions.

KiAC: You will speak at Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference. What you are going to talk about at the event?

T.N.: I will reveal how affiliates, advertisers, and webmasters can establish their cooperation in order to gain the best possible synergy and outcome.

On September 26, Tatiana will participate in Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2019 with a presentation: “Circular firing squad”: Why advertisers and affiliates need to work closely to reach the maximum result.

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