Top 10 affiliate programs for online games in 2018

Top 10 affiliate programs for online games in 2018

Today affiliate programs are offering different advantages – advertisers enlarge their audience and partners receive remuneration for the attraction of new customers. Online games also increase the number of players using affiliate programs. Let’s learn about the best gaming affiliate programs in 2018.  

Affiliate programs for online games


LiveGames affiliate program offers to make money on classical table and card games including backgammon, dominoes, durak, and more than 100 other similar applications. 


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By advertising a gaming network, the affiliate receives 30 rubles for every attracted and registered player – the registration is considered valid in case the player plays at least three games. 

The program also allows receiving a percentage of payments made by attracted players. In this case, the income of the affiliate can equal to 30-50% of the player’s payment. 

VLK Partners

VLK Partners is the affiliate program of Vulkan online casino that provides two products: Vulkan Platinum and Vulkan Russia. Affiliates can promote the casino in various ways – ads in social media, banner ads, emailing. 

The program offers two payment models: 

1. Affiliate receives reward for a specific action fulfilled by a new player on the gaming platform.

2. Revenue Share. Affiliate receives a part of the casino’s income from the attracted player. 

Lucky Partners

Lucky Partners affiliate program works with 12 online casinos. 

Affiliates can choose from several collaboration options. There is a possibility to receive rewards for the casino’s income, or player’s deposit. A mixed model is also applied, when the affiliate receives $50 for user registration and 25% of the income that the user brings to the casino. 

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RioBet Affiliates

This affiliate program promotes RioBet casino. Affiliates use the Revenue Share model getting from 40% to 60% of the revenue brought by the attracted player. They also have a possibility to work under the CPA scheme. 


PoshFriends offers collaboration with different casino brands including JoyCasino and CasinoX. 

Affiliates can choose from three types of collaboration. They can receive up to 45% of the casino’s revenue for a player, up to $500 for the player’s registration according to the CPA model, and can receive rewards according to the mixed model. 

Advertising tools: 

• GIF banners;

• demo games;

• landings.


This affiliate program allows getting a reward in case users download games. Affiliate receives around $0.15 for one download. 

The second option is the remuneration for more than 1000 ad impressions. The reward is around $0.20. 

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Alawar is the affiliate program from the publisher of downloadable mini games Alawar Entertainment.
The program offers the resource that publishes ads $1.75 for 1 sold game. One can use different advertising tools including links, video, screenshots, banners, and plug-ins. 
The minimum withdrawal amount is $5. 


The catalogue of Actionpay affiliate program consists of 66 gaming offerings and 20 gambling offerings. Affiliates receive rewards for attracting new users as well as for their active engagement – a player has to use the app within 2 hours. 

Combat Arms

The affiliate program is presented by the affiliate aggregator Cityads Media. Affiliate earns $0.70 when a new user enters the game for the first time. Advertising on Vkontakte is forbidden. 

Affiliate programs and their operation principles will be discussed at Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference on November 15.

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