Teaser Advertising as an Efficient Tool for Online Casino Traffic Acquisition

Teaser Advertising as an Efficient Tool for Online Casino Traffic Acquisition

Online casino promotion is an uneasy job that takes away much effort and funds. To attract new and retain loyal players, operators use many different tools. One of the most efficient and lowest cost ways is teaser advertising.

What are teaser advertising and teaser networks? How to attract traffic with their help? What are their main advantages? Read further in the article.

Teaser advertising: what is it and how is it used in gambling?

Teaser advertising in gambling

Teaser advertisement is an ad made of an eye-catching graphic element (image) and a catchy headline. The ad often contains an announcement no longer than a sentence. The text is placed under the image or headline. The teaser is intended to intrigue users, incentivize them to click on the link and visit the advertiser website.

For example, you could have often seen an ad on different websites saying, “A simple way to lose weight without sports and diets.” The message could be supplemented with the image of an overweight man or woman. It is a teaser ad. By clicking on such a message, the user gets on to the website of the online store that sells weight loss pills or the site that offers individual training programs.

In the gambling field, teaser advertising is one of the efficient ways of generating traffic for online casinos and betting companies. To draw the attention of potential players, teasers may contain images of slot machines, money stacks, expensive cars, photos of young people that won big sums. Headlines and descriptions may inform about large jackpots, beneficial offers, and high probability of winnings. For example, “I made my first million when I was 20 years old. You need…” or “The jackpot is $1,000,000. Do not miss your chance”.

Teaser networks: what are they and how to work with them?

Teaser networks what are they

Teaser networks are online platforms that act as an intermediary between the advertiser (an online casino, betting company) and webmasters – website owners that want to make money due to redirecting traffic to third-party sites.

This type of partnership is realized as follows. The owner of the gambling platform registers with the teaser network. He creates ads inside the system and adjusts settings of the advertising campaign: the timing and timeframe of ads, restrictions on the number of visits. Besides, it is necessary to specify targeting settings. Optionally, you can choose the geographical region, gender, age of target users and other parameters.

The webmaster also registers with the network and adds his or her website there. The teaser network provides the webmaster with the code of the advertising block. The webmaster adds the code to the pages of his resource. Afterward, teaser ads appear there. When users click on the link and are transferred to the advertiser website and/or take some action there, the webmaster gets a cash reward.

Teaser networks in 2019: benefits for advertisers and webmasters

Collaboration with teaser networks has advantages for both owners of gambling platforms and webmasters.

Here are some of the benefits of teaser networks for advertisers:

  • low cost per click. The cost of one click in teaser networks is 2-3 times lower than that of contextual ads;

  • availability of advertising materials. You can develop teaser ads in the personal profile of the network. All you need to do is to upload an image of the required size, come up with a headline and the text of the announcement;

  • reaching a large target audience. The system chooses websites for ad placement in a way to ensure the highest efficiency and attract more traffic. For example, online casino ads are often placed on free movie websites and other entertainment resources, and betting ads – on sports websites. As a result, the gambling platform is visited by users that may get interested in games of chance and become regular customers;

  • high efficiency of advertising;

  • wide choice of teaser networks.

Benefits of teaser networks for webmasters:

  • unlimited income. The more traffic the webmaster brings to the advertiser website, the higher the income he gets;

  • easy adjustment. Registration with the teaser network, adding of the website to the system, and insertion of the code of the advertising block to pages of the site takes a small amount of time and does not require special knowledge. The webmaster can also choose the design of the advertising widget that suits the general style of the website best of all;

  • no need to create promo materials. The advertiser is responsible for the development of teaser ads.

How to choose a teaser network?

One should thoroughly choose a teaser network. It influences the income level of the advertiser and webmaster.

When choosing a teaser network, the owner of the gambling platform should take into account the following aspects:

  • teaser network type. There are universal and themed networks. Some of them have restrictions on advertised goods and services. It is better to choose platforms that offer more websites with the required target audience;

  • flexible targeting settings will allow you to adjust the search for the desired audience by gender, age, geographical location, and other parameters;

  • cost per click. With this information, you can choose the network that offers the most beneficial collaboration options;

  • availability of white and blacklists. White lists contain websites that the advertiser is ready to keep on working with, and blacklists contain sites bringing traffic that does not meet the advertiser’s needs.

In the process of choosing a teaser network, the webmaster should:

  • assess the amount of traffic on his or her website. Some teaser networks set requirements for the number of active users;

  • study the pricing, conditions of payouts, the minimum withdrawal amount. To make sure of the platform’s integrity, read the feedbacks and ask about the experience of colleagues;

  • study the networks gallery. Platforms provide examples of ads placed on websites. Study them and assess whether they may be of interest to your website’s audience;

  • read the rules of ad moderation. To avoid malware ads placed on your website, make sure that moderators of the network ban them.


Modern users are used to ads on the Internet and can ignore colorful banners placed on different websites. However, people often take well-compiled teaser ads as an interesting piece of news or useful announcement rather than an advertisement and click on it. Therefore, teaser ads remain one of the most efficient traffic generation techniques today.

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