Casino Marketing Techniques on the Example of the USA

Casino Marketing Techniques on the Example of the USA

The key to successful gambling business development is an appropriate and elaborate marketing strategy. The latter influences how quickly the facility will start bringing a stable revenue. What efficient marketing techniques are popular abroad and how to apply them in our realias?

Why is casino marketing important

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The conditions of the emerging legal gambling market in Ukraine bring forth the issues of competition, professional requirements to industry players, and their ability to build a marketing customer acquisition strategy. As a result, casinos increase their level of competitive performance and appeal for players.

Another reason to study and use marketing tools is that new trends and promotion methods are appearing in the gambling industry (and the old ones become less efficient). If you do not take into account market changes, casino marketing strategies will be rather unimpressive. Several facts negatively influence casino marketing in our country.

  • This kind of business is relatively new and a full-fledged legal framework is just taking shape after the enactment of the legalization law.

  • Due to the years-long ban on games of chance, the profession of a gambling marketer was not developing, and the market requires a growing number of experienced specialists.

  • Gambling business was operating in the shadow for a long time and for this reason, the available information about marketing solutions is scarce.

  • The serious analysis of the gambling field requires accurate statistics, which is not available in full volume for now.

This can prevent gambling facilities from standing out among a great number of competitors. Successful casino marketing requires fresh ideas, highlights, and branded ways of how to attract and entertain the customer. To build a functional strategy and assess the up-to-date marketing tools of gambling houses, it is worth turning to the long-term foreign experience.

Creative approaches to customer acquisition in the USA

Let us review examples of marketing techniques and customer acquisition tools used at land-based casinos. As such facilities serve not only gambling but also entertainment purposes, the personal approach to the player, creative ways of holding attention and incentivizing to stay are important.

Interesting examples of customer acquisition and creation of comfortable conditions for players are found in the USA practices. For example, Las Vegas casino city has a number of shopping and entertainment centers visited by the audience that interests the gambling industry.

  • Las Vegas Convention Centre (entertainment complex).

  • Fashion Show Mall (fashion center).

  • Thomas & Mack Centre (sports arena).

  • Sands Expo Centre Cashman Centre (conference hall).

  • Showcase Mall (shopping center).

  • LAX club (where you will often see world celebrities).

These facilities host notorious events, exhibitions, seasonal sales that gather a great number of visitors.

Another original step intended to increase the tourist flow to Las Vegas is the organization of wedding ceremonies. Local legislation allows citizens of any country to get married, requiring only IDs. The wedding permit is given with no delay and the ceremony can be held in one of the numerous chapels of the city. Besides, some of them register same-sex couples.

Marketers of the American gambling hub use many other creative solutions in order to increase the tourist flow.

  • Main Street Casino installed a part of the Berlin Wall that weighs three tons.

  • The Venetian hotel uses living statues that regularly amaze tourists with their moves.

  • In some cinemas in Las Vegas, you can become a millionaire. All you need to do is to stand on the special scales in the lavatory. If your weight coincides with the winning number, you will get a cash prize.

  • The Golden Nugget casino houses a solid gold nugget that weighs 27 kilograms.

  • Hotels with themed entertainment and amusement activities (Circus Circus, Excalibur, Caesars Palace).

The entertainment field and the gambling industry are closely connected. Therefore, shopping malls, clubs, and unusual offers that attract tourists increase the tourist flow to casinos.

Planning of casinos in the USA and transport services

Planning of casinos in the USA

Land-based gambling facilities are very diverse in Las Vegas: the interior can be of different styles and themed solutions. There are certain rules that envisage the most profitable positioning of slot machines and space zoning. For example, slot machines with smaller bet sizes are placed near the entrance.

The smallest details are important, even the color of slot machines. Low paying slot machines are usually painted red. Pleasant and aspirational sound also matters: in slot machine parlors of popular gambling houses, you will always hear the sound of falling coins.

The most profit-making slot machines are placed in highly crowded areas – near lavatories and bars. Besides, it is important to take away items that can distract players from the game. For example, a few slot machine parlors have wall clocks and even windows.

The location of the casino city is not quite favorable in terms of the distance to big American cities, so there is a special carrier for guests – National Airlines. Flights from one coast to another take place with the landing in Las Vegas. It is worthy of note that a ticket with a stop in the gambling hub will cost you less than a direct flight from one city to another.

Correct segmentation of the casino’s audience

segmentation of the casino’s audience

There are also not quite successful examples of marketing tools. For example, the attempt to realize the concept of family vacation in Las Vegas. The specialists that decided to bring that idea into life hoped to build entertainment centers where people could have a holiday with children. Unfortunately, nobody wanted to visit the gambling area with a family and the amusement park for children worth $2 million was closed.

Since that time, all gambling facilities, hotels, clubs have been oriented towards adult entertainment only: gambling, wedding services, dance shows. The number of gambling houses is growing in the city but rivals do not bother each other and steadily increase the customer base as well as revenue. The reason is that every hotel and casino focuses on a certain segment of the audience.

One casino in Atlantic City has especially succeeded in this respect. Five per cent of all guests are VIP players that bring 50% of income to this casino. Marketing is focused on the retention of VIP players: there is no service that the casino would not provide to its rich customers (if their wishes do not go beyond the law).

Customer acquisition methods and analytics

Customer acquisition methods

To make rich players stay with the casino, marketers use a personal approach based on direct interaction with the customers as well as information about them. Experts take into account not only the average bet and favorite games but also hobbies, preferences in drinks and food, losses, winnings, and the average time spent at every table.

Naturally, casino owners and analytics departments have addresses, phone numbers, and other personal data of players. For example, Claridge Casino Hotel uses its own method for processing customer data, involving the psychological profiling of attendees. The key factor of such an approach is to define the most important things for the customer, be it comfortable parking or a menu made of the most exquisite dishes.

Bonus systems

Bonus systems in casino

Big gambling facilities develop their own incentive programs to retain customers. For example, Hilton casino hotel resorts launched surveying of customers that involved the possibility to join the “Honored guest” program back in the late 1980s.

The main idea was to accumulate points for every night spent at the hotel, and later guests could use those points to buy various services such as car lease, the order of supper, etc. In a year, the number of program members grew from 350 thousand to 1 million people. At the same time, customers started to stay at Hilton hotels twice as often.

As for the operation of casinos, American land-based facilities use comp cards that are loyalty program tools intended for active customers. Players show personalized cards to the personnel or insert them in the slot machine when they play.

Casinos record all actions of players for the sake of being able to provide them with bonuses consequently. Besides, the obtained information is useful for further analytics and building of a marketing strategy. As a bonus, the player can receive a free booking of hotel rooms, invitations to banquets, and many other things.


Foreign marketing experience is diverse and its efficiency is proven by real figures but not all solutions are viable in our realias. For successful customer acquisition, it is important to take into account peculiarities of the market, local legislation, as well as real sums required for marketing: it can be considered productive when expenses do not exceed the obtained revenue.

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