Cost of Casino License in Ukraine, Legalization and Operation Rules

Cost of Casino License in Ukraine, Legalization and Operation Rules

Bill No. 2285 was published this October, stipulating the rules of gambling business regulation in Ukraine. According to the document, the list of gambling activities is not limited to land-based casinos. What kind of licenses will the government issue? How much will they cost?

General provisions of the gambling bill

It was known prior to the bill introduction that legalization would allow establishing land-based casinos at major hotels. However, the existing document has significantly expanded the prospects on the Ukrainian market, including both betting companies and online resources in the list of permitted business types.

The following activities are subject to licensing:

  • offline and online casinos;

  • betting shops and online resources;

  • lotteries;

  • slot machine halls;

  • poker clubs and online poker.

To obtain an official permit, entrepreneurs should prepare a package of documents such as an application with a corporate name, a legal address, as well as tax and payment data.

The application can be submitted by legal entities registering within the country. They are obliged to add information about the organization’s shareholders, ultimate beneficiary, and accountant to the package of documents.

Online casinos and online betting firms have to provide an individual document specifying a domain name, while owners of land-based gambling houses require a certificate of ownership for premises.

Besides, the bill provides the requirements for the organization’s minimum charter capital: 30 million UAH. Legal entities should have extracts and documents confirming sources of this money.

What bodies will regulate gambling operations?

You will be able to discover more about the legalization of different gambling types at Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference to be held on December 18. The event will involve Ukrainian lawmakers and foreign experts who will share their experience in gambling industry regulation.

The new, specially formed Committee on the development and regulation of gambling will monitor gambling business operations, keep a register, and issue licenses. The Cabinet of Ministers will appoint six of its members and the head. Owners or co-owners of gambling businesses and equipment providers are not allowed to join the authorized body.

Core duties of the committee:

  • developing the licensing standards;

  • granting permits for operations;

  • controlling the gambling business activity;

  • maintaining a company register;

  • online monitoring;

  • carrying out inspections.

At the same time, the authorized body will fulfill tasks by the Cabinet of Ministers, resolve complaints, and take measures in case of the violation of licensing conditions.

Rules of gambling venue placement

Rules of gambling venue placement

Offline casinos can be established only at special locations. Gambling houses are allowed in five-star hotels. Another crucial aspect is the number of rooms in such venues. The norms vary depending on a city: 200+ rooms in the capital of Ukraine and 150+ rooms in other regions.

Betting shops and poker rooms can be placed in non-residential premises at a distance of more than 150 meters from schools, boarding schools, and universities.

It is forbidden to use the following facilities as betting stations:

  • government institutions;

  • religious establishments;

  • hospitals;

  • cultural organization (museums, libraries, etc.).

Slot machine halls are also permitted in hotels, but the requirements are not as severe as for casinos. They can be equipped in both three- and four-star hotels. The amount of rooms is similar to the requirements for gambling houses. By the way, slot machine venues are forbidden in towns with a population of fewer than 10,000 people.

Anti-gambling addiction measures

Anti-gambling addiction measures

The bill clearly regulates who will be allowed and not allowed to play. Moreover, it explains how the authorities will fight against potential gambling addiction. All players should be at least 18 years old. Visiting a gambling venue for the first time, they have to show a corresponding document (passport, driver’s license) and Taxpayer Identification Number.

Afterwards, visitors are put into a certain database and provided with a special card containing their data and personal bar code. Further visits are permitted using this ID pass.

People vulnerable to gambling addiction can limit their access to casinos independently: they should just file an application and submit it to one of the legal gambling venues or directly to the authorized body on gambling regulation.

Casinos, betting shops, and poker rooms have to comply with the responsible gambling rules. They should check players’ age, not provide services to those submitting a self-restriction application, as well as place well visible leaflets about gambling addiction and methods of its combating.

Cost of casino licenses

Cost of casino licenses

Each type of gambling activity will need a certain type of license. They vary in the cost estimated in minimum national living wages. The government is obliged to spend received funds on the development of sports, culture, and healthcare. There will be an individual foundation for these purposes.

An accurate price of gambling license will be established at e-auctions, but there are different entrance rates for various business types. The minimum value will depend on the city where the venue is placed: 9000 minimum wages for the capital; between 3000 and 6000 for other cities and towns.

Casino owners will require a common license for official operations as well as individual permits for each gambling table and slot machine. Slot machines should be certified and connected to the online monitoring system.

Online segment regulation

Online segment regulation

Entrepreneurs aimed at online operations have to adhere to the offline venue requirements. To get a license, they are obliged to give the full package of documents to the regulatory body. The difference is that they should confirm the ownership for the .UA. domain name instead of the ownership for premises.

The software applied by operators have to:

  • be connected to the online monitoring system;

  • pass certification in accordance with international standards;

  • correspond to technical documents.

Business owners should provide open access to information about the company, its name, licensing details, clear-cut rules of pay-offs, and reference to gambling ban for minors. As to geography, one will be able to enter similar websites from around the world.

Furthermore, founders will have to provide an option of player verification using document scans. It should be done before the game start and the first pay-off. MobileID or BankID can be an alternative identification option.

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