“Currently We Are Running a Large-Scale Training of How to Work with Foreign Gambling Offers,” Chief Marketing and PR Officer of Alfaleads Roman Manuylov

“Currently We Are Running a Large-Scale Training of How to Work with Foreign Gambling Offers,” Chief Marketing and PR Officer of Alfaleads Roman Manuylov

Why gambling field is so interesting and how to get more traffic? In the interview for Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference, Chief Marketing and PR Officer of Alfaleads Roman Manuylov told us about his first experience in arbitrage and shared his opinion concerning the most promising verticals.

Interviewer: Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference (KIAC)

Respondent: Roman Manuylov (R.М.)

KIAC: Tell us about your first experience in traffic arbitrage. How did everything start?

R.М.: Some time ago, I joined Snaappy that develops a multimedia platform with a messenger, stickers, and AR technologies. In fact, it was a startup and when I came there, the team consisted of seven people, six of whom were programmers. Being the only advertiser, I took on all marketing tasks, from product localization and writing texts to PPC and media buying from bloggers.

By the moment we entered the market, it was clear that it was necessary to buy traffic, and I went to Facebook. Started to work with CPI (cost per install) model with KPI oriented toward retention and engagement, making several thousands of installs per day. Then I started testing other sources and networks. Eventually, after 2 years of work there, I moved on to Adcombo, where I began to work with product, crypto, and financial offers.

KIAC: Your keynote verticals are gambling and dating. What is the reason: your personal preference or the specifics of Alfaleads?

R.М.: I work at Alfaleads, so the choice of verticals is obvious. However, we work with not only gambling and dating but also sweepstakes and adult. Overall, gambling vertical is interesting due to the huge number of available sources, approaches, and tools. And, of course, because of the revenue.

KIAC: What verticals do you consider the most promising and why?

R.М.: Primarily, it’s gambling. It is very promising, especially if you act at a large scale – enter the foreign market, do more of marketing aimed at player retention, work on the quality of traffic. Besides, many people forget that gambling is not only about casinos. We closely work with sports betting, which is also very interesting. It provides endless space for contextual marketing, special offers, and creatives. For example, the last fight of Khabib – is not it the reason to consider working with betting companies? Its ads were everywhere, everyone who brought traffic for betting made a fortune.

If we put gambling aside, e-commerce and sweepstakes have big prospects, in my opinion.

KIAC: Tell us about the most interesting projects you worked on at Alfaleads or previously.

R.М.: My first experience in arbitrage was very cool. I was launching a campaign on Instagram and we were one of the first five companies in the CIS that were allowed to advertise on the platform. Within half a year, I was living through loads of changes (30-second videos, then 1-minute videos, etc.) and the conversion rate was unbelievable. The price was very pleasant – I got 20 cents per install with up to 15,000 installs per day, whereas we paid $1 to the network.

A memorable PR project is the campaign where we offered to buy Homunculus loxodontus from its author and to present it to Russian Post. All mass media and public pages were writing about it. We also had a very interesting case with cryptocurrency but I think it falls under a nondisclosure agreement.

Some of the more recent cases: now Alfaleads is running a large-scale training of how to work with foreign gambling offers. It is a full-fledged school for top arbitrage specialists and team leaders. We have set a high bar for ourselves and are trying to raise it with every group of graduates. Now we have around 600 learners that went through the moderation process, as we do not accept newbies and ask all applicants for statistics of affiliate networks.

And of course, our parties. Almost everyone in the market knows that Alfaleads makes the best pre-parties before conferences and I am very glad to get positive feedbacks from partners and webmasters.

KIAC: You have extensive experience in PR, traditional and digital marketing. How does all this knowledge help you in your work?

R.М.: Experience helps here. It primarily allows you to understand what you should not do and what direction you should choose. Some things are very useful but not quite applicable in our field. For example, I love clearly built systems that go through the whole campaign and steer marketing. However, in arbitrage, all processes are very fast and changes take place all the time, so the level of chaos is very high.

Understanding of different tools and ability to use them for building sale funnels helps a lot. This relates to the work of affiliate programs and arbitrage specialists. The problem of many webmasters is that they optimize campaigns solely with creatives. It is possible to work deeper, drive more traffic and increase its quality.

Being a marketer at the CPA network, I focus on providing the best services in the market. We optimize processes from the perspective of both speed and quality. Besides, we focus on a personalized approach in the work with affiliates and for this reason, many of our friends consider Alfaleads their family and all offline meetings turn out to be very warm.

And the last thing, I love aggressive marketing based on the work in a competitive environment. Excellent examples of such work are McDonald’s and Burger King. We try to use similar tools in our work, often turning to guerrilla marketing.

KIAC: What plans does Alfaleads have for the next year?

R.М.: Now we are actively developing the foreign direction and MBA, one of our main projects. In general, we are moving toward the improvement of expertise of our webmasters and the increase in their revenue. And of course we do not want to stop developing other verticals that we are working on now.

At the end of the year, we will announce the results of the “Pampered life” special offer and will present a villa in Bali to one of our webmasters.

KIAC: What do you think about trends in arbitrage in the next few years? How soon will everyone start using white hat practices?

R.М.: The market is using more and more of white hat techniques. Even if there is no total shift to white hat operations, many teams are trying to diversify flows, opening new white directions for themselves.

Work with Universal App Campaigns (UAC) is a kind of a trend today. You can successfully jump on the bandwagon and earn good money. Cryptocurrencies and foreign gambling offers are also doing well.

On September 26, Roman will make a presentation at Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2019. His report is “How to get the maximum of quality traffic from an affiliate network”. At the event, you will have an opportunity to talk to Roman Manuylov and other speakers and exhibitors.

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