SEO intelligence: how to make query analysis properly. Article based on Evgeniy Bondar’s presentation

SEO intelligence: how to make query analysis properly. Article based on Evgeniy Bondar’s presentation

Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference, Ukraine’s first conference dedicated to affiliate marketing and iGaming, took place on November 15. One of the presentations was made by Evgeniy Bondar, the Head of SEO at Boosta.

Based on several case studies, Evgeniy showed how online casinos and other gambling companies could enter the top list of online queries. One of the most interesting methods is described in the article.

Entering top 1 queries: is it so simply?

You have definitely found on the Internet some articles like 'How to enter the Google top 10 list in 10 minutes', ‘Top 1 on Google and Yandex – easy’, and other encouraging materials. So, is everything as simple as it seems? Evgeniy Bondar thinks differently. As an example, the expert uses a query ‘online casino’ within Canada.

“I believe this is a quite relevant query for those promoting the casino niche. It refers to Ukraine as well. How to analyze this and any other queries in a proper way? I talked to many SEO specialists and the majority of them came to the same conclusion,” the specialist stresses.

Step 1. Launching Ahrefs.

Ahrefs is a tool for analyzing a website link mass. This service allows to find website back links and their parameters, analyze competitors, build individual SEO strategies, and so on.

Upon this request, Ahrefs shows the following: to occupy top positions, one needs only 148 links, which is few. At the same time, the competitiveness of the online casino key is 63; this is not high. The top list includes websites with a small amount of referral domains: 75, 40, or even 10. At first sight, the top list looks pretty simple.

“Perhaps, 98% of SEO specialists have almost the same results upon this query: Keyword Difficulty is small, the top 20 list has domains with few links (40–60). Therefore, it seems easy to enter the top list: you just need 150–200 referral links; not that difficult and expensive,” Evgeniy states.

Let’s check a real situation. We can see that the online casino key contains 2.5 million documents. It means that we have approximately the same amount of competitors.

“The fact is that top positions are taken by successful websites. And the rest 2.5 million domains, which have likely done actions that you are going to do, are not included in the top list,” Evgeniy Bondar explains.

One can have a mistaken impression about this niche because of the incorrect analysis of core queries, which may lead to losses in time and money.

Step 2. Analyzing keys properly

“Do not examine only the top 10 websites. You should also look at the top 100 list. It is better to analyze the whole cluster rather than a single query,” Evgeniy says, “If we upload the top 100 websites, we will see that, in average, they have a pretty high rating. A young domain will fail to achieve such a result.”

It is worth noting here that the top 100 list does not contain websites registered in 2018. There are only seven websites registered in 2017 and all of them are far beyond the top 60. The rest resources are trust; they have been existing for about 10 years.

“One should go hard to make a young website be among top queries,” the specialist claims.

Step 3. Calculating expenses

Analyzing this information, Evgeniy has concluded the following: to occupy the top 1 position in the online casino query in Canada, one should spend at least two years and buy at least 300 referral specialized domains totaling to $45,000 (in average, an efficient link in this sector costs $150 or more). By the way, you will have to pay a salary to content makers, designers, SEO specialists, developers, etc. To sum up, a minimum investment in this area will be around $100,000.

Well, how to get traffic if you don’t have enough money but want to enter the niche as soon as possible? Evgeniy Bondar recommends going into long-tail queries.

“There are little-known keys that are not shown in Ahrefs and other analyzers, but they should be found. Preferably, to its full extent.”

For example, the speaker considers a key ‘Slots with best bonus games’. How to realize whether it is difficult to advance using this key?

Step 4. Examining the amount of documents

To analyze the key’s profitability, you should initially pay attention to a number of documents customized to this very query. Besides, it is important to separate doorways, spam pages optimized (specifically, packed to capacity) by certain queries or a group of search requests. They allow to enter the top list of search results and redirect visitors to the other website or page.

“There are a lot of doors in the direct entering into the title (of the key Slots with best bonus games’) and page content, but it is a positive sign. Doorway specialists won’t create a lot of turn-key pages that are not sold,” Evgeniy notes.

Step 5. Analyzing rates using Google Adwords

Due to Google Adwords’ rate simulator, you can find out a potential efficiency of advertising per week at other rates. It shows how changes in the maximum price per click can affect the value of conversions as well calculates the cost and possible amount of clicks, impressions, and conversions for key words or ad groups.

This tool can be found on such tabs as ‘Ad Groups’ and ‘Key Words’ in service tools.

“The context is forbidden, but some people know how to apply it. Adwords have these data: historical and predictable. Besides, using an approximate cost per click and a certain key, we can understand the chances of these keys having traffic,” Evgeniy mentions.

Step 6. Avoiding overspam

Google constantly filters out overspam key words and long-tail queries. To avoid this, Evgeniy advises users to follow a medium density of certain words (4-6 pcs.) and try not to overspam key queries in the text.

  • Consequently, to reach top positions in queries, you should:
  • analyze a niche properly;
  • collect keys;
  • filter out and adjust them to your resource;
  • set up a clear technical task for copywriters.

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