Seven Traffic Arbitrage Myths: Why Have We Been Deceived So Long?

Seven Traffic Arbitrage Myths: Why Have We Been Deceived So Long?

Is it necessary to invest thousands of dollars when you start arbitraging? What courses should one take in order to learn how to generate traffic? Where to begin?

The Internet gives answers to these questions, but sometimes they are diametrically opposed. Whom to believe? The article describes the top 7 common myths and opinions of experienced arbitrage specialists in this respect.

Myth 1: arbitrage newcomers need technical knowledge

arbitrage newcomers need technical knowledge

Obviously, HTML skills will be a great advantage for a newbie arbitrage specialist. However, it is not necessarily. Besides, any technical knowledge can be improved while working. Trying to adapt your expertise to the perfect level, you can miss a lot of opportunities.

Moreover, you can transfer this obligation to the other person: almost all kinds of work can be entrusted to outsourcing now. There are services for creating websites, creatives, marketing texts (some of them are even free). Everything is already invented and automated. The main thing is to gain insight into this matter.

Myth 2: novices require mentors

novices require mentors

To start arbitraging with a tutor is indeed simpler, but not always fruitful. Firstly, you may find out that their operating style is not appropriate for you. Secondly, sooner or later you will have to arbitrage on your own, thus you’d better not get used to constant help.

Currently, there are a lot of excellent resources that can assist in arranging proper actions. STM Forum is a resource where successful affiliate marketers provide tips to those who ask them.

Importantly, if you do need a mentor, just address somebody. Attend local meetings and make friends. Ask questions. Show people your desire to study. Offer them something instead.

“You will find necessary information at any moment if you know where to search for,” forums recommend.

Myth 3: lots of money required

 lots of money required

Perhaps, it is the financial issue where opinions of arbitrage specialists are divided as much as possible.

Some of them state that there is no point to try without the startup capital ($1000-2000): they believe that $300 is enough just for decent testing of the offer. By the way, testing is the waste of money while looking for a precious ad that will generate income in future.

Others consider that a low budget is good in some degree, because it makes arbitrage experts focus on the process.

It is up to you to decide whom you will listen to. In this regard, you should proceed from your own goals: a large budget will allow to advance faster and seamlessly, while a small budget will give you better chances of managing to discover the unique promotion method.

Myth 4: relations are essential

relations are essential

Very unlikely: the affiliate marketing industry is pretty young with a variety of possibilities.

“The coolest situation was the following: last year, a link building seminar in Vienna, 10 a.m. We were in the kitchen, talking in English: “Hey man, where are you from?” and so on. Suddenly, I heard “I’m from Nikolayev,” Victor Karpenko, an expert in promotion within the most highly competitive niches in the USA and CEO at SeoProfy, said at previous Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference.

“As it turned out later, five of ten people attending the seminar were either from Ukraine or from Russia. In fact, the majority of affiliates and those promoting the niche are in the CIS countries and pretend to not know each other,” Victor Karpenko stressed.

Communication with other webmasters can definitely give a solid impetus, but it is much more significant to launch your own campaigns.

Myth 5: you have to take courses

you have to take courses

Additional training on further education courses can be beneficial, but it is not obligatory, at least in this sector. Furthermore, revealing successful schemes is like placing a recipe of the crabsburger on the Web. Hardly anybody will share this (even for money).

Probably, it will be efficient to pass related courses: marketing, SMM, gestalt psychology, or something else that can be useful in cooperating with the target audience.

Myth 6: severe competition

 severe competition

Unfortunately, strong competition in the digital industry is a routine phenomenon for any profession. This fact just proves that this area is full of money.

Traffic is a highly competitive niche, but it also features a huge demand for specialists where the worst ones drop out. Your task is not to become one of them.

Myth 7: luck is crucial

luck is crucial

Relying on the luck isn’t a great idea in general if you are aimed at serious business.

To earn on arbitrage is quite possible, and this activity can result in considerable revenues if you spend your time and efforts on it. At least, you should produce content, be well-versed in software, discover aspects of domain purchase and adjustment, as well as realize accurate limits of platforms and consumer special features.

All of this requires time. If you read success stories by top arbitrage experts, you will figure out that they have managed to succeed far cry from the first try.

You can look at stories by traffic arbitrage specialists to be involved in Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference in our News section.

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