Segmentation Is One of the Crucial Aspects of Operations. Interview with Ed Rogov from Quints

Segmentation Is One of the Crucial Aspects of Operations. Interview with Ed Rogov from Quints

In an interview with Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference, Ed Rogov – СМО at Quints – talks about new iGaming marketing trends, qualitative changes in the Quints product, and efficient work with affiliates.

Quints startup is founded by professionals with considerable experience in the online gambling niche. The company’s major product is affiliate and media marketing software allowing to reduce the amount of customer acquisition tools. Besides, due to machine learning algorithms, Quints can predict such aspects as potential player LTV and churn probability.

Interviewer: Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference (KiAC)

Respondent: Ed Rogov, СМО at Quints (E.R.)

KiAC: How many companies does Quints cooperate with, and in what countries? What holding companies do use your services?

E.R.: Currently, Quints is providing its services to more than 10 brands. All of them have certain priority areas and markets. Parimatch and Favorit Sport are the largest ones. Both companies are considered to be leaders in several markets and are a role model for many betting providers.

We are happy to collaborate with companies of such a high level. I would also like to mention BitCasino and SportsBet, the largest operators in the crypto gambling world. They allow us to improve our product, particularly in terms of such a new and promising sector as crypto gambling.

KiAC: How is machine learning applied in your product? What are its advantages for clients?

E.R.: The fact is that we have divided these elements. Now, we have a marketing solution and ML algorithms for field-specific goals, which exist separately. Obviously, we consider a possibility to use machine learning in fraud prediction (especially relevant to СРА traffic), forecasting the profitability of any other traffic source, and thorough analysis of each affiliate.

However, as practice shows, most companies have more vital and primary objectives. For example, convenient tools for affiliate network operations and, oddly enough, just seamless and flexible mechanisms for accounting and incoming traffic analysis.

KiAC: How has the Quints product changed over the past year? What customers’ requests have affected this?

E.R.: We have definitely become more flexible regarding many of our solutions. As experience has shown, there is no company solving issues and taking approaches to operations similar to another. This is what we have focused on: improving flexibility and customization options of our service.

It is referred to everything: from access control adjustments to individual API for each affiliate account. Talking about customers’ requests, we primarily rely on them when elaborating our product. As an example, I can describe how we have designed a postback constructor allowing to make a unique request that will comply with requirements of almost all СРА networks.

KiAC: What are the common mistakes made by marketing services of gambling companies? How to avoid them? How can advanced technologies help with this issue?

E.R.: This topic can be discussed for hours because we work with plenty of companies that have taken their lumps. I can stress the key ones: detailed segmentation, selection of relevant KPIs, and consequent monitoring of these KPIs according to chosen segments.

Segmentation is one of the crucial aspects of operations. Each traffic source requires an appropriate advertising message and a corresponding purchase funnel. These things are discovered only using experiments and experience based on them. Any experiment should be measurable and aimed at a specific purpose: increasing conversion of X and Y percentage or gaining the growth of LTV up to a certain level.

KiAC: Is work with affiliates equally fruitful to all gaming companies? Why?

E.R.: I have never met any company working with affiliates and failing in the long term. According to statistics, approximately 70% of online gambling proceeds account for affiliates. Therefore, it is quite unreasonable for small and medium companies to refuse this traffic channel.

Indeed, affiliate traffic operations are not equally fruitful to each company. All of them face different operation features, conversion rate, and LTV. Nevertheless, both operators and affiliates benefit from this aspect in general. It is important to work properly with them, as well as with players.

KiAC: What iGaming marketing trends are relevant now in comparison with the past year?

E.R.: What we have noted is that so-called Influencer Marketing is gaining momentum. Almost all conferences discuss such topics as how to attract Gen Z users. With people of this generation paying much attention to social platforms and fully trusting thought leaders, one is extensively exploring these niches. We can see more and more companies that train and unite streamers, for instance, CasinoGrounds.

Moreover, increasing attention is given to traffic generation by means of social media. It is referred to either integrated contextual advertising or development of groups and newsletters. By the way, I guess that email marketing has lost its positions. Nowadays, push notifications, messengers, and so on are used for communications and customer acquisition.

KiAC: What will you present to guests at Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference?

E.R.: First off, we will introduce our solutions and explain how they can help operators to enhance the margins of their businesses and increase turnovers. I believe that a good many people are familiar with our solution, and we have several novelties for them.

We will show and discuss many interesting things to those who unfamiliar with Quints. Over the previous year, our solution has advanced and obtained a lot of new features that can be useful to both new and well-established operators. We invite everyone to the exhibition area. We will be glad to talk to all the people we know and to newcomers!

Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference involving Quints as an exhibitor will take place on September 26.

The full conference program is available at the link >>>

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