Roman Manuylov from ALFALEADS: To attract a customer, you need to optimize applications

Roman Manuylov from ALFALEADS: To attract a customer, you need to optimize applications

Trust of potential customers directly depends on the optimization of landing pages and apps. This is what Chief Marketing Officer and PR of ALFALEADS CPA network Roman Manuylov states. In the interview for Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference, he shared experience and told about advantages and disadvantages of different OS for app development.

Interviewer: Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference (KIAC)
Respondent: Roman Manuylov (R.M.)

KIAC: What are the main peculiarities of work with traffic and apps?

R.M.: The main thing is to make a user feel that he is in the app and not on the website clone. It greatly influences trust. Secondly, you should make lots of App Store optimization (ASO) to bring the app to the top and obtain free traffic. Search engine traffic is the best option, especially for PlayMarket or AppStore.

KIAC: Why specifically these two platforms?

R.M.: Because people search for product on their own, and when they find what they need, they are very glad, as they do what they want and there is no need to convince them using advertising.

Not only optimization of User Acquisition campaigns is important. The landing page of an app is well optimized for registration, to reduce the number of steps. If a user registers fast, he quickly finds himself on the website. Besides, working with purchase funnels and push notifications, which enable additional deposits and boost of traffic, is important.

KIAC: Why is it important to optimize platforms for WebView and mobile traffic?

R.M.: Because otherwise the work with WebView will be impossible. When a person opens an app and sees that there is a website inside, he does not trust such an app, thinking that he is being cheated. It looks like a low quality product, as if someone just wants to get the customer’s money. Not a single person will spend money at a platform he does not trust. Besides, using an optimized app is much more comfortable. AppStore apps are a good example. Apple iPhones do not have a return button. To get back to the previous page of the app, you have to turn it off and on again. That is not convenient.

KIAC: How do you attract affiliates to your CPA networks?

R.M.: We offer the best commissions, we have lots of offers, good expertise, as we handle traffic on our own, we have a large volume of media buying. Our partners take advantage of the experience that we gain in the process. We arrange events, spread news. For example, tomorrow there will be a meetup in Kyiv, where we will meet our partners, the day after tomorrow we will arrange a meetup in Odesa. We try to take a personal approach to everyone. Our profit depends on the profit of partners. If they do not earn money, neither do we.

KIAC: What is your general impression of the event? How does the communication with participants proceed?

R.M.: I like everything, as I was aware where I was going. I prepared my presentation basing on the understanding that many advertisers will attend the event, and I met several major webmasters.

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