Promotion of Online Casinos in Ukraine: Key Methods, Problems of the Advertising Market and Their Solution

Promotion of Online Casinos in Ukraine: Key Methods, Problems of the Advertising Market and Their Solution

On June 16, the fifth Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference will gather top experts who will talk about the latest changes on the gambling market of Ukraine, as well as analyze how to drive traffic to gambling and get a stable income.

While you are getting ready to gain useful knowledge and get cool contacts at our event, KiAC 2021 media partner – a guide to online casino GamblerKey has prepared an overview of the main problems that arise during the promotion of gambling platforms in Ukraine and possible ways to solve them. In addition, the article highlights the most popular ways to get quality traffic. Read more in the material below.

Legalization of gambling: what Ukrainians think about it?

In 2020, a watershed event took place for the operation of land-based and online casinos in Ukraine. The parliament adopted the bill “On State Regulation of Activities Concerning the Organization and Conduct of Gambling” that was later signed by the President of the country. By this decision, the authorities actually legalized the gambling market in Ukraine, while putting forward a number of conditions for business owners – without them, it is impossible to obtain the long-desired permission to organize casino operations.

And although the first licenses to open offline casinos have already been issued, the legalization of gambling in Ukraine has caused a mixed reaction among people. Some have welcomed the decision, saying that it will bring serious cash inflows to the state budget. Others, on the contrary, criticized the bill, fearing its consequences in the form of an increase in the number of gambling addicts, gamblers among minors, damage to the economy, etc.

Largely due to the controversial opinion of the public, the problem of casino promotion in Ukraine continues to be one of the most acute for gambling business owners.

How to advertise online casinos in Ukraine

Due to the specifics of the sphere, online casino advertising in Ukraine is regulated rather strictly. Operators get a limited amount of time to promote on television and radio, and can only be published in specialized media related to gambling.

It is much easier to advertise online casinos on the Internet. The methods of promotion on the Web have been known for a long time, most common of them are:

  • Optimization of the platform for search queries. Thanks to proper SEO promotion, operators can bring their resource to the top of search queries, thereby increasing the influx of players.

  • Advertising online casinos on social networks. Promotion of the platform on social networks is a job of SMM specialists. This method is considered the most effective. Users are attracted to regular news and video content on casino pages. Correct advertising on social networks helps to make the brand more recognizable and drive traffic to the website.

  • Promotion through affiliate programs. Many online casinos have their own affiliate programs. Attraction of players takes place in the following way: website ad is published on the affiliate resource – by clicking on it, users get to the casino. If after that they make a deposit and start playing, affiliate gets an interest for the promotion.

  • Email newsletter. Representatives of online casinos send promotional letters about the platform’s new products to users who have subscribed to the newsletter.

The promotion of gambling online is practically not regulated by the state, this method of advertising is used by both legal online casinos and operators that operate illegally.

How to eliminate the existing problems in the promotion of online casinos in Ukraine

Despite the state regulation of gambling business, there are still a number of problems in Ukraine related to the promotion of online casinos. According to some experts, it is possible to deal with the issue of illegal online marketing only with the help of penalties. At the same time, they should be imposed not only on illegal websites, but also on the agencies that are responsible for the distribution of such advertising.

Representatives of the gambling market in turn, believe that in order to eliminate the problems of casino promotion, it is necessary to create a clear algorithm for controlling and monitoring the legality of advertising of gambling operators.

In addition, the government and the business sector should focus on close cooperation with each other. This will help eliminate contradictions in the existing law and clearly outline the path to development of the gambling market in Ukraine.

The focus should be on European countries, where advertising of gambling business is clearly regulated by the state due to the influence on game-addicted people and minors. For example, the UK Gambling Commission provides all kinds of support to legal operators and various tools for competent advertising, taking into account the problems of addicted users.

Getting back to the problem of perception of gambling by the Ukrainian population, it is worth mentioning that the Commission for Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries is also beginning to take steps aimed at debunking the myths about casinos.

They are willing to change the opinion of Ukrainians about the negative impact of gambling through special information events. The regulator intends to talk about choosing legal and transparent platforms, about the dangers of gambling addiction and ways to combat it, as well as about other important aspects.

In conclusion

Today, promotion of the gambling business in Ukraine is a rather painstaking process for all parties. Therefore, government agencies and representatives of the gambling market need to make joint efforts to solve existing problems and change the opinion of the population.

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