Casino Client Attraction: Platform SEO and Adaptation for Traffic Arbitrage

Casino Client Attraction: Platform SEO and Adaptation for Traffic Arbitrage

The gambling market offers a wide range of virtual gambling platforms. To make a portal succeed, owners should take measures to promote it. One of the most efficient promotion tools is SEO. It allows to improve website’s positions in the search results. Resource adaptation for traffic arbitrage also plays a critical role. The article describes online casino optimization in detail.

Key Stages of Website SEO

Key Stages of Website SEO

SEO means the optimization of an online platform in order to enhance its positions in search engine results (Google, Yandex, etc.) at users’ request. Due to this tool, users can quickly find a casino, specifying only key words and phrases in the search engine. As the result, gambling platforms attract new visitors and increase their revenues.

Online resource SEO is a complicated and hard work. Such a promotion method requires the following steps:

  • Analyzing your own website and competitors’ resources. At this stage, SEO specialists analyze the portal visibility in terms of head, mid-frequency, and long-tail queries, as well as examine competitors and market leaders, the structure of their resources and link profile.

  • Creating a semantic kernel. Performing this step, experts prepare the base of key words, collocations, and phrases that describe offered services as accurately as possible. The list can contain from dozen to several thousand words depending on the project size and scale. Certain key words are selected to each area (e.g. card games, live casinos, betting, etc.). Afterwards, they are distributed across the resource and added in content of each page.

  • Devising an online platform structure. It is referred to the accumulation of all landing pages placed in the logically defined hierarchical order. All provided services are divided into categories and subcategories so that web pages load up faster and users easily find a necessary game. For example, sports/cultural/political betting, live games, and video slots should be in different sections. At the same time, every page should be optimized for defined key words/phrases. By the way, navigation structure should not be too deep for the efficient indexation. The best option is to form it in such a way that users will have to conduct no more than three clicks to obtain an access to any page.

  • Making innerlinking. It means the binding of website pages by links. They are put in main text, different parts of menu, extra navigation, and blocks with recommended materials or services.

  • Generating high-quality content. To promote pages, specialists create materials including key words from the semantic kernel.

  • Taking care of external links. What it involves is casino links published on third-party resources. The more frequently a casino is mentioned on various portals, the more visitors it allures. However, take into account that search systems can negatively respond to unequal and ill-considered link building. As a result, the project will face filtering.

Gambling Resource Optimization for Traffic Arbitrage

Gambling Resource Optimization for Traffic Arbitrage

Online casinos attract customers to their platforms in a variety of ways. One of the most efficient methods is the cooperation with arbitrage experts. Webmasters redirect visitors from one portal to another. If a platform is not adapted for arbitrage, a virtual venue can lose a half of incoming traffic. To avoid this situation, you should consider several aspects. Let’s examine them in detail.

Website and landing page adaptability. According to LEAD9, approximately 45% of all Ukrainian adult citizens used touchscreen smartphones in 2018. Therefore, mobile versions of gambling websites are quite significant in the age when five in ten people have gadgets. It will allow to expand a range of potential clients.

Moreover, it is crucial to adapt the landing page for PCs, mobile gadgets, and tablets. In other words, the page should automatically recognize a screen resolution, take on a corresponding size, and get displayed correctly on various devices.

Note: while ranking, search systems bring portals adapted for mobile gadgets to higher positions.

Rapid page load. To generate more traffic, in particular with the support of partners, you should provide the fast speed of web page loading. It should take no more than 1-2 seconds. If its loading requires 10-15 seconds, the majority of users won’t wait: they will close the window and search for the other resource.

Sales funnel. Gambling business primarily aims to attract and retain customers. Sometimes gambling platforms lose the audience because of mistaken adjustment of the sales funnel. For instance, a registration form with numerous fields frightens away many users. Thus, they leave the website without becoming its client.

Webmaster should focus on the following sales funnel elements:

  • user registration on the website;

  • the first use of platform and gaming content;

  • the first interaction with technical support;

  • the first deposit;

  • the first withdrawal;

  • email newsletter.

Role of Affiliates in Online Casino Optimization

Role of Affiliates in Online Casino Optimization

Cooperation between casinos and affiliates allows to grow the external reference weight. The more specialized online platforms refer to a gambling venue, the more users attend its websites. Such an optimization approach enhances the platform reputation among search systems.

With the range of countries regulating gambling business, not all websites are ready to place links to gambling portals. Nevertheless, partners promoting a casino on their platforms attract a huge amount of new players.

What is important is that gambling venues/affiliate programs closely interact with webmasters. Therefore, they will manage to eliminate problems negatively affecting traffic conversion in a prompt manner.


SEO is an important tool for online casino promotion. If it is adjusted properly, a gambling resource will occupy top positions in the search results. Special attention should be paid to the portal external optimization implemented with the help of affiliates. Due to collaboration with partners, casinos will become more popular and obtain an increasing number of visitors.

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