Payment systems for online casinos: top 7 secure ways to withdraw winnings

Payment systems for online casinos: top 7 secure ways to withdraw winnings

An efficient and secure payment system is a necessary element for an online casino. Players find it vital to be able to make deposits and withdraw winnings seamlessly, having no problems with transactions. 

Read further in the article about characteristics of top payment systems. 

Top 7 payment systems for an online casino 


VISA is one of the most popular payment tools with high reputation. You can obtain VISA card at any bank and it supports most of the world’s currencies. 

To make a deposit at an online casino using VISA, you need to register the card on the website: to fill in the form specifying the card number, name, surname. Player personal data is not disclosed, as reliable online casinos maintain confidentiality.  

Advantages of VISA:

• fast transactions;

• high popularity among online casinos;

• efficient withdrawal. 

Disadvantages may include high transaction fees and withdrawal restrictions on some gaming platforms. 


WebMoney is a popular electronic payment service used almost on all gaming platforms intended for the Russian-speaking audience. The payment system processes transactions with high speed and often offers different bonuses to users. 

To use the service, you have to register on the WebMoney’s website and enter personal data in order to secure your funds. Funds are transferred quickly. 

Advantages of WebMoney:

• player security and confidentiality;

• high transaction speed;

• availability at many online casinos;

• a possibility to run transactions not tied to the wallet. 

The disadvantage is a high commission for both depositing and withdrawing. 

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MasterCard is one of the oldest payment services that have gained trust of users all over the world. 

Today any bank will provide you with both credit and debit MasterCard cards: you can use them to pay for different goods and services as well as transfer funds to the account of a gaming platform. 

The payment system is available almost at all online casinos. To transfer money to your account, you have to enter card details similarly to making payments at online stores. 

Advantages of MasterCard:

• simple and convenient funds transfer;

• fast transactions;

• reliable protection;

• used at many online casinos. 

The disadvantage of the payment system is that making a withdrawal using MasterCard is not always possible and you have to look for other methods to receive your winnings. 


Maestro belongs to MasterCard, but is an independent payment service. 

Maestro offers debit cards and prepaid Maestro Cards with a specific sum of money. 

Advantages of Maestro:

• simplicity of use; 

• fast transactions;

• prepaid cards; 

• availability at many online casinos. 

It’s important to take into consideration that Maestro does not work on foreign gaming platforms. Moreover, the website does not state whether Maestro cards can be used in other countries. Therefore, it would be a good idea to specify whether the online casino accepts Maestro cards. 


Click2Pay is a popular service that allows paying for products and services in online stores and gaming platforms. 

To make use of the system, you have to sign up an account and connect it to your bank or bank card. 

Advantages of Click2Pay:

• user-friendly;

• fast money transfers;

• availability in foreign online casinos; 

• non-personalised card. 

As the card is non-personalised, it is impossible to track the withdrawal of funds. 


Qiwi payment system enjoys popularity thanks to its simplicity and user-friendliness. Refilling the balance in the system is commission-free: the service is available in Euroset mobile phone stores, departments of Alfa-Bank, or through special terminals. 

Funds are transferred to the account without delays. The account can be also tied to a special VISA QIWI card that will allow you to withdraw funds in any ATM. 

Advantages of Qiwi:

• quick registration of an account; 

• mobile phone number is used instead of the wallet number;

• instant withdrawals;

• low fees. 

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Yandex.Money is one of the most popular payment services in Russia thanks to simplicity and functionality. 

The system guarantees a high level of security and offers different financial services including depositing at an online casino. To start using the system, you should register on the Yandex website. 

When making a deposit at an online casino, you have to specify the needed sum and a special code that is sent to your email. After the transfer is complete, you also receive a confirmation email. 

Advantages of Yandex.Money: 

• simple service;

• security;

• anonymity;

• quality customer care;

• collaboration with many foreign online casinos;

• fast processing of payments. 

Please, pay attention that Yandex.Money runs all transactions in Russian rubles only. Other currencies are automatically converted basing on the internal rate of the system. 

Fees of payment systems 

Payment systems take fees for using their services. Usually deductions are made when you withdraw winnings at an online casino and comprise 1-2% of the sum. 

Some gaming platforms can take fees even for depositing, but usually such deductions are minimal. 

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