Affiliate Marketing in 2021: Trends and Strategies

Affiliate Marketing in 2021: Trends and Strategies

According to Google Trends, the number of searches for Affiliate Marketing has grown significantly over the past 5 years. More and more brands are using this method of promotion, because it is great for attracting target audience and stimulating sales.

However, consumer tastes and interests are constantly changing. In order to stay on top of affiliate marketing trends, you need to constantly assess the market and the needs of potential customers. This will help to develop the right strategy and give partners an edge when promoting products and services.

Trends in developing marketing strategies

In 2021, there are marketing trends that can significantly increase customer loyalty. They allow to monitor changes in consumer behavior and priorities, respond in time to market changes and remain relevant for the target audience and among the competition.

Personalization is the key to customer's heart. Consumers are now overwhelmed with advertisements from multiple channels of communication. Therefore, impersonal and stereotyped messages do not receive the desired response and lead to a loss of advertising effectiveness.

Today, it is important to create personalized marketing messages that will form a connection between the brand and the target market. Epsilon study found that 80% of consumers will make a purchase if companies offer a personalized experience.

The growing popularity of chat bots. They allow to quickly resolve all common customer issues using the tone of voice of the brand. In addition, chatbots help to stay connected around the clock, make transactions directly in the messenger and optimize costs.

Messengers remain the most convenient and demanded method of communication in 2021. Their advantage lies in the fact that the client does not have to download a new application or select the desired website in the search. All communication with the brand is already in the phone, where the client communicates with friends, family, colleagues and reads the latest news every day.

The brand also benefits from the fact that messengers are complete platforms. This solution significantly reduces costs.

Trending affiliate marketing strategies in 2021

To be successful in the affiliate marketing industry, including the gambling niche, it is not enough to invest in multiple partners. For best results, every brand needs a carefully planned strategy.

Partner’s high reputation plays a big role. The demand for influencers is high these days. They enjoy great audience loyalty on their platforms in Instagram, Facebook, Telegram or Twitter, so their word has serious advertising weight.

To determine what kind of conversion you can get from the potential partners, you need to analyze several factors:

  • what kind of relationship they maintain with their audience;
  • positive and negative mentions on the web;
  • views, number of subscribers, engagement and other factors.

Custom made content is a must for making your affiliate marketing strategy effective. Although affiliates are responsible for promoting the product, relying on them entirely is not the right way.

Even though affiliates are bringing good traffic to customer’s pages, it's important to turn every guest into a customer. It’s necessary to pay attention to the following indicators:

  • website loading speed (no more than 1-2 seconds);
  • quality of text content: it should be informative and meet the needs of the target audience;
  • quality, photos and videos;
  • availability of a feedback section.

Native advertising is one of the most popular types of marketing. The advantage of this approach is high efficiency, but choosing an affiliate or websites for its placement should be really careful. The disadvantages of this method of promotion include the high cost.

General traffic acquisition strategies

SEO matters to any online business. Although the result of this method of promotion may not be immediately apparent, search engine optimization can significantly improve an affiliate marketing strategy, especially when it comes to a brand with no reputation.

On affiliate’s recommendation, a potential buyer can become interested in the product and search for the brand on Google. In this case, a high ranked page will be more persuasive.

Using exclusive promo codes, promotions and offers is a great way to stimulate customer demand and motivate users to make a targeted action. Promotion through discounts is far from a new tactic, but it is still effective in attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones.

This approach works best in highly competitive markets: food, beauty, gadgets, travel, gambling.


There are many affiliate marketing strategies for any budget. The most important thing for a brand is to choose the best promotion options for its niche and follow the slightest changes on the market. Choosing the right affiliates, channels and strategies is the key to a successful increase in conversion.

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