Facebook affiliate programs: must-know prior to start working

Facebook affiliate programs: must-know prior to start working

Facebook is a social website with two billion active users, having the loyal and easily targeted audience. This feature has led to the emergence of affiliate programs on Facebook.

What are Facebook affiliate programs?

As we have mentioned before, various companies promote or sell their goods, media products, or services on Facebook. To enhance conversion, they offer everyone interested to participate in affiliate programs in order to receive a certain reward.

Such a kind of cooperation is beneficial for all parties: on the one hand, advertisers increase their profit; on the other hand, affiliate program participants earn on this quite well and steadily.

How to become an affiliate program participant?

To take part in the affiliate program, you should sign up on the resource owner website and get a unique link. It contains a code allowing an advertiser to identify a webmaster.

The link can be distributed anywhere, even on FB public pages. As soon as a user follows it and performs a desired action (signing up, buying goods, downloading a game, etc.), the partner obtains the reward.

Popular goods/services for promotion

A successfully operating affiliate program always requires support and improvement. It is worth noting that ads are the best way to sell consumer goods in FB’s Ukrainian segment. Content projects here are not as efficient as on other social networks. Therefore, this is reasonable to enter the foreign market on FB.

The most appropriate products/services for affiliate programs are the following:

  • beauty products;
  • baby stuff and toys;
  • shoes and clothes;
  • mobile phones, gadgets, and accessories;
  • car goods;
  • educative courses and webinars;
  • mobile apps and software.

By the way, work with Facebook affiliate programs should focus only on the engaged audience. For example, you are going to earn on beauty products. You need a page related to this topic in order to get the audience interested in ads posted by a webmaster. Eventually, when the amount of subscribers grows up to several thousands, you will be able to start cooperating with affiliate programs engaged in beauty goods and similar interests.

Forms of Facebook affiliate programs

Popular forms of Facebook cooperation are cost-per-sale and cost-per-action. In the first case, income is a percent of the each sale of promoted item. In the second case, income is given for a certain action: going to the website, filling out a registration form, subscription to newsletter, etc.

Besides, there is such a partnership form as PPA (pay-per-action). However, CPA (cost-per-action) and PPA (pay-per-action) are fairly similar, as they anyway suppose payment for a completed action on the advertiser’s website.

For instance, participants of Amazon affiliate program receive a percent of each sale conducted following the Facebook webmaster’s link, even if they promote something different. iTunes and Apple programs have the same concept.

In fact, Facebook is launching its own affiliate program called Facebook Marketing Consultants for individual specialists in targeted advertising.

According to the program, verified consultants will provide technical support in pixel settings, merchandize catalog, or dynamic advertising. Thus, they will help company owners to develop their businesses on Facebook.

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