Affiliate programs for making money on Instagram

Affiliate programs for making money on Instagram

Instagram is a social network with a huge advertising potential and 1.1 billion of registered profiles. There are several ways to make a profit on Instagram, but affiliate programs provide the highest revenue. 

How to make money on Instagram

Instagram stands out for a big, clearly segmented and active audience. Most often members use the mobile app to sign in the network. It gives members a possibility to view their feed several days per day and plays into the hands of people willing to make money on advertising. Most of ways of making money on Instagram require making your own profile popular: your final income will depend on the number of subscribers. However, there are other opportunities as well. 

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• Paid likes and commentaries. It is the simplest way, but it gives a very humble income. No special knowledge or cash investment is required. One like or commentary can bring you $0.01 or more. To start making money in such a way, you need to register on a special exchange (for example, or v-like).

• Advertising exchanges. This method is more difficult than the previous one, as the work with advertising intermediaries requires an active account. Some resources work with users that have 150 subscribers, while others require at least 10,000. Such platforms as Sociate or Plibber will help to search for advertisers. The scheme is simple: to register, specify the specifics of your account and the cost of ad placement. 

• Advertising through individual promotion. Advertisers can find owners of popular accounts on their own. The reward of ad placement will vary depending on the number of subscribers and the main theme of the account. 

• Marketing of your own business. You can market your own services and goods on Instagram, especially if they are connected with design, makeup, photos, or paintings. 

• Affiliate programs. Traffic arbitrage is the redirection of users from Instagram to a specific resource. In such a way, you can make money by participating in the affiliate program that accepts the corresponding traffic. This method requires attentiveness, time and effort, but in case of the correct approach, it will bring a bigger return. It is important to start arbitraging on Instagram from the choice of a reliable affiliate program.   

Best affiliate programs for arbitraging on Instagram 

Traffic acquisition through Instagram has some peculiarities that should be taken into account before you start working. For example, most of users use mobile phones to sign in, meaning that links should be given to platforms that have a mobile version. It is also important to adhere to definite rules for the account not to be blocked: 

• While using mass follow and mass like software, you should stick to limits (not more than 30 likes, subscriptions, commentaries per hour with 20-30 seconds interval).

• Set up several accounts. One of them should be ‘white’, offering the link to the offer (Instagram bans pages with non-unique links). The rest of accounts should refer to the white account. 

• Download special software to register several accounts (for example, SMS-REG.COM and ProxyCap).   

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It would be better to choose affiliate programs for arbitrage on Instagram based on user feedbacks. A reliable affiliate program is characterized by positive feedbacks, comprehensible and simple rules of work.  Here are several programs that exist for quite a long time and are considered reliable. 

AD1. Opened in 2011, stands out for good feedbacks from webmasters. It will be a good match for arbitrage specialists thanks to the user-friendly interface and a possibility to start work straight after the registration. It provides statistics, work tools, including promo codes and special offers. The resource supplies 24/7 technical support and more than 700 offers. The minimal withdrawal amount is $20.      

Dr.Cash. Affiliate program with a themed selection of offers (the niche of beauty and health, biologically active supplements) 2000+. Relatively new, has been functioning since 2016. It provides 24/7 customer support, work tools. Withdrawals can be made twice per day.       


On the wave of popularity, Instagram’s administration strengthened the rules of ad placement, but even in these conditions, the platform remains promising for traffic generation. On average, a successful arbitrage specialist receives a 200–300% profit. The most important thing is to make a correct choice of the offer and select an optimal way of traffic acquisition. 

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