2018’s YouTube affiliate programs for beginners

2018’s YouTube affiliate programs for beginners

According to Alexa.com engaged in the Internet traffic analysis, YouTube is ranked second in terms of website traffic in the world. Today, it provides not only video hosting services but also a place for earnings. People perceive video information easier. Besides, it affects a larger number of receptors than texts. It allows to treat YouTube as a separate business platform.       

How newcomers can earn on YouTube 

Initially, you should create your channel, load interesting content there, and regularly post videos. It is worth mentioning that views are paid. However, you don’t have to record videos in a professional studio using expensive equipment, but just record informative clips that will be interesting to the audience. Afterwards, you may think of their monetization.    

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The following aspects affect channel owner’s earnings: 

• An amount of subscribers constantly accessing a channel, commenting, and liking content.  

• A number of uploaded videos.  

• A frequency of channel publications; it is important to upload videos at least once per week. 

• CTR (click-through rate): what matters here is channel design, its awareness, as well as video annotation and cover. These factors affect the video click-through rate as a result of search.   

• Viewing duration. With YouTube being against cheating, it is crucial for the service how long clips are watched. It only depends on the content quality.    

• Whether users are in interested in all clips or in one of them. If users watch several videos on your channel, it can get higher up in search results.  

Ways of earnings: 

• Direct advertising of goods close to the channel topic. It refers to a promotional clip of a certain product, which can be played in the beginning, in the middle, or in the end of video.   

• To sell your own services. A pastry chef can sell cakes, while an English teacher can offer private tutor services.   

• Product placement. You can show and use advertiser’s goods in your videos. 

• CPA affiliate programs. In this case, an advertiser pays for every attracted customer. 

• AdSense. It is a contextual advertising service that places ads on videos, but you can earn in such a way only if you collect 10 000 views.   

• YouTube affiliate programs. Besides Adsense, there are other services similar to it but CIS-friendly: they support withdrawals via Webmoney and Yandex.Money as well as do not establish a minimum payment amount.  

Affiliate program for beginning YouTubers 

YouTube offers several affiliate programs with their own operating conditions and benefits. Their advantages include the fact that earned money, starting even from $1, can be withdrawn via Qiwi, Yandex.Money, or WebMoney. Moreover, a lot of affiliate programs conduct seminars, arrange courses for newcomers, and help to solve complaints relating to author’s rights. 

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The best known affiliate programs: 

AIR (Agency of Internet Rights): a media network, YouTube’s official partner since 2011. AIR supports its partners, teaches video blogging, and promotes Internet businesses. The company works through Webmoney and allows to withdraw funds from $0.5. The channel author receives 70% of earned money. According to company representatives, one can earn from $200 to $1000 for 1 million views.      

To participate in the program, you require: 

• a channel connected with AdSense; 

• at least 300 subscribers; 

• 3 uploaded videos; 

• 10 000 views.

Yoola: one more media network. The channel author obtains 70-80% of earned money. Withdrawals begin with $1. The company helps to mediate conflicts concerning author’s rights.  

To participate in the program, you require: 

• 500 subscribers;

• 10 000 views;

• 5-7 posted videos.

QuizGroup: one of the first programs. Cooperation is conducted in English. The program advantage is that the channel author receives 80% of profit and 10% for attracting new participants. According to some program participants, one thousand views sometimes cost $7.   

To participate in the program, you require: 

• 10 subscribers;

• 1000 views for the past 30 days. 

Scalelab: a US affiliate program that also has a Russian interface. The channel author can obtain 70-90% for ads. Besides, the company put free materials into the channel development. Scalelab has a curator in Russia: Denis Konovalov.   

To participate in the program, you require: 

• 500 subscribers;

• 15 000 views. 

The YouTube statistics data show that its audience exceeds 1 billion people, which is one third of all Internet users. Now, earnings on video views are available to almost everyone.  

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A great deal of users allow to create content dedicated to any topic. It is this difference that makes YouTube an interesting business platform for newcomers and provides them with an opportunity to cooperate with well-known studios.    

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