Affiliate program: what is it and how it works?

Affiliate program: what is it and how it works?


The tough competition makes it difficult for beginner online resources providing goods and services as well as information portals to attract new users and boost own business. Currently, affiliate programs are a way-out. Let us figure out their function and methods of gaining profit. 

What is an affiliate program? 

An affiliate program is a type of cooperation between an owner of goods or services and a platform ready to advertise them. Such a program helps market a certain product, attract new clients or boost website popularity. 

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Affiliate programs bring profit to both parties – service providers attract new buyers and share income with partners who helped find new clients. 

How does an affiliate program work? 

In most cases, it is little-known websites, new online stores and startups that use affiliate programs in order to boost popularity and attract clients. For this, an owner of a new business registers in one of the affiliate programs and creates a contextual link and ads that are to attract buyers. 


Meanwhile, affiliates who are, for example, owners of other websites place announcements on their platform. Thus, their target audience comes across ads, gets to know about a new resource and clicks on the link. In such a way, affiliates do their work and attract new customers. 

To recognize the affiliate who attracted a new client, special affiliate links are used. Thus, the system works properly and sends the commission to a partner who found a client.
The payment is based on the agreed conditions. Various types of affiliate programs offer different rewarding systems. Nonetheless, owners of products shouldn’t lose capital while cooperating with an affiliate. After all, they earn money by attracting new clients. 

How to earn money on affiliate programs? 

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To make money on affiliate programs, one has to remember that there are various types of them. Correspondingly, they offer various payment methods. 


Taking part in an affiliate program, the resource that places ads on its platform gets money only if a user clicks on the link and buys a product on the website of the owner. This type is considered to be one of the most revenue-generating affiliate programs. Getting money, sellers are ready to pay an affiliate a high interest. 


In this case, a platform gets money for every click on the ad placed on the website. However, this type of affiliate program is the least unfavorable since the payment is minimal. Here’s the reason: when clicking on the link, a user can instantly close the page. So, an affiliate isn’t willing to pay big money.  


An affiliate places an ad while a seller pays for every user who watches the banner. The rewarding system does not imply big revenue, that is why such an affiliate program is the best choice for very popular resources with a great number of clients.  

How to earn on CPA affiliate programs? 

CPA (Cost per action) is another type of affiliate programs that implies payment for actions of users on the seller’s platform. 

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Simple clicking on a link is not enough. Users have to register on the website, leave a comment, subscribe to a newsletter, download some product or take part in a poll.  
It’s much more difficult to get income from this affiliate program, but the rewarding depends on the complexity of an action and as a rule tends to be high. 

How does an affiliate program pay money? 

Affiliates are rewarded in terms of the conditions of the agreement. The type of the program also affects it. 
Disbursement of money is realized in two ways: the commission can be provided on the affiliate’s personal account as ‘affiliate payments’. In case of the automated money withdrawal, rewarding is transferred directly to an e-wallet and sent to a credit card.  

How to choose a right affiliate program? 

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Before joining an affiliate program, take into account a number of nuances.

Product uniqueness 

You should pay attention to the products the affiliate program works with. Clients are more interested in unique products. If they see such a product, the chance of visiting the page grows. 

No free access 

You shouldn’t join the affiliate program that works with free goods and services. For example, advertising of free courses cannot bring benefit.  


It’s important to analyze demand. Affiliate programs that work with knowingly non-demanded products are not likely to make money. 


Pay attention to the prospects of the further partnership with an affiliate program. You may get good revenue working with those affiliate programs that offer long-term partnership and cooperate with platforms that provide repeated services and goods on a permanent basis.   


It’s vital to cooperate with programs that correlate with the subject of the affiliate’s website. The subject of the website and posted ads should be similar. In this case, it will pique user interest. 


You should as well pay attention to the type of an affiliate program, the size of rewarding for advertising as well as payment frequency. 

Affiliate programs are advantageous both to those willing to promote own website and sell products and platforms assisting in this process and placing ads. 

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