Peculiarities of working with traffic from apps: opinion of Roman Manuylov

Peculiarities of working with traffic from apps: opinion of Roman Manuylov

StatCounter’s estimates show that the volume of compute traffic is 48.7%, while mobile devices generate 51.3% of traffic. The trend is relevant up to now.

Therefore, traffic from mobile apps has become more qualitative, according to Roman Manuylov, Chief Marketing Officer and PR at The expert talked about peculiarities of working with this aspect at Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference.

The article contains the significant key points of Roman’s presentation.

Why is traffic from mobile apps more qualitative?

“Traffic from apps is much efficient than traffic from any other sources: people look for these apps on their own, they want to play,” Roman states.

However, dealing with mobile app users differs from working with web users.

“Mobile app users do not expect that you will address them as website or convenient casino users. When you send an email newsletter, you should address them as app users in order to enhance credibility, conversion, and, consequently, loyalty of users,” the expert adds.

How to realize what kind of traffic is generated from apps?

“The most frequent question asked by partners is: how to realize what kind of traffic is generated from apps? Everything is quite simple. Initially, you should address the affiliate program: for example, every registration includes a ‘User agent section’. If it states ‘WebView’, a user comes from the mobile app,” the expert explains.

At the same time, such things can be falsified with a small probability. To avoid this, you should work with affiliate networks having a vast experience in traffic operation, as they know about existing cheating methods and ways to check them.

How can webmasters help apps?

Special offers

Working with mobile offers in affiliate networks, you should focus more on permitted types of traffic: if you mention a certain platform but add traffic from another, an advertiser may not count these actions.

Besides, you should adhere to targeting specified in the offer: it refers to both a required platform version and demographic profile. If you bring a lot of goals beyond the target audience, they won’t be paid.

Finally, you should be attentive to the KPI. If it has some unclear or controversial points, you’d better to address the affiliate program’s technical support and clarify all the details.

Landing optimization and KPI operation

Heavy mobile websites and apps are unpopular now. Users want apps loading in lightning speed, and large resources fail to do this. To satisfy customers’ demand for fast Internet surfing, marketing specialists should set sights on eliminating speed limiters such as huge videos, animations, etc.

Generator’s research shows the following: if a website or mobile app is inconvenient or too slow, 29% of users will immediately shift to its competitor. Besides, 70% of them will take this step because of slow downloading of files, while 67% because of a plenty of intermediate stages during purchasing or searching for information.

Meanwhile, it is important to work with an advertising campaign on platforms for mobile apps. Otherwise, your app can be blocked or deleted.

“Simple download and installation of apps are no longer efficient. AppStore and Google Play are self-learning platforms, thus, they determine bots at once. It is reasonable to acquire campaigns with different KPIs where bots initially pass registration, create slots, and only then leave comments,” Roman Manuylov says.

Elaborated funnels

One of the most frequent mistakes among advertisers is the assessment of traffic quality based on the final action, for instance, purchasing. In very deed, the majority of purchases take place not that fast. Therefore, you should form a funnel of target actions and estimate conversion of each one.

For example, the first conversion in games can be training, then achieving the tenth level, and paying at the end. As to a flight ticket app, it can be the first search, click according to the search results, and payment.

“There are a lot of barriers to entry the mobile app sector. To start dealing with them, you should know a whole bunch of stuff: from resources for finding developers to technical task preparations. Nevertheless, these issues can be easily solved if advertisers provide their own apps: either in the form of archives or launched ones,” Roman Manuylov sums up.

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