Gaming HR Management Basics: How to Select Casino Staff?

Gaming HR Management Basics: How to Select Casino Staff?

To provide the steady operation of land-based casinos, you should hire competent and skillful personnel. The official casino staff should include representatives of at least eight professions. Well, what employees are required and how to find them?

Personnel is important to any gambling venue to represent casinos to visitors. Selecting employees thoroughly and carefully, casino owners can be sure of the high-quality customer service, which enhances the venue's reputation. Casino attendance and profit will directly depend on personnel knowledge and skills.

The list of obligatory casino staff

casino staff

Let’ examine the list of common casino employees. What are their functions and duties?

General Manager

It is the second person after the gambling house owner. General Managers are responsible for venue operations. They control the work of other employees, check the quality of its performance and professional behavior.


They coordinate activities of all casino structures and monitor the gaming process. The number of managers can be different due to the casino size. Their obligations can be limited to the management of certain areas. For example, recruitment or direct contact with visitors.

Gaming Manager

A pit boss of the gambling room. As a rule, casinos have several gaming managers with individual areas of responsibility, e.g. particular tables. Pit bosses are in charge of the fulfillment of the game rules, solution of occurring challenges, and control over dealers.


These employees work at gaming tables along with dealers. They are fair game guarantees who pass an ultimate verdict in case of disputes. Besides, they keep a wary eye on players and asses their honesty. Dealers can become inspectors in career promotion.

Dealer or croupier

A croupier is a chief mediator between attendees and the gambling venue. Their amount prevails in casinos. You should choose croupiers quite accurately, as they are crucial representatives of the gambling venue. Dealers can accomplish various tasks in diverse types of gambling.

  • Playing croupiers work at the table, leading the process, accepting bets, and dealing cards.

  • Supervising dealers assist the playing ones in accepting cash, collecting chips, and other aspects.

  • Stickmen work at the craps table, accepting and paying off bets as well as giving a die to gamblers.

  • Boxmen are cashiers who exchange chips for money right at the table.

  • Chippers gather, sort, and exchange chips during the game.

Dealers are significant in online casino operations: they also deal with clients. The main difference is a camera as a communication channel.

Actually, the list of jobs is pretty large and can vary according to the gambling venue size. Casinos should necessarily hire a cashier, a slot machine operator, and security guards.

How to hire competent casino staff?

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The core task of gambling owners is to select professional personnel to provide customers with the best services. To find experienced and responsible employees, you can appeal to a recruiting agency.

Another option is to hire or train staff on your own. With qualified gambling specialists being always in great demand, new casinos are frequently lack of such people. Newbie operators typically cooperate with big companies and invite their members to their venues.

Unexperienced employees can be trained and left at your venue. Therefore, casinos establish dealer schools led by professional managers. Similar courses can last from two to five months. Following the results of training, one usually selects several of the best students and hires them.

Foreign schools for casino staff 

Foreign schools for casino staff 

International specialized schools teach croupiers and other casino personnel. There are academies that have been training and employing casino members for dozens of years. Gambling houses can collaborate with such institutes and recruit their graduates.

Cerus Casino Academy. It is Europe’s leading establishment that has been operating on the global market for over 10 years. It educates casino dealers and slot machine operators. The academy’s subsidiaries are located in Manchester, Paris, Madrid, Rome, and in ten other European cities.

Ace Academy. A UK-based school founded in 2016. The institution trains croupiers and offers them to work for one of the local 140 casinos (its partners). Completing the course, all graduates receive PFL, a license by the UK Gambling Commission.

Croupier Training Academy. It has been educating croupiers within 25 years. Academy graduates are able to join casinos in different countries and on cruise ships. It is based in Wales.

Besides schools for dealers and slot machine operators, there are academies educating other personnel. Similar facilities also allow everyone to improve their skills.

For example, Totally Gaming Academy. The company is based in London, giving workshops for various gambling experts. It carries out full-time classes in offline and online casino marketing, betting shop management, financial accounting, as well as educates dealers and slot machine operators.

Moreover, the academy offers remote online courses. Its coaches are representatives of successful gambling companies such as iGaming Capital, American iGaming Solutions, etc.

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