Quintessence Founder Roman Bout to tell about online casino support

Quintessence Founder Roman Bout to tell about online casino support

Online casino gamers may face some difficulties with gaming experience, funds deposit and withdrawal as well as software bugs. A support team of a gaming platform is to solve these problems, so its proper work is vital to every related resource.  

The role of support in an online casino will be featured on November 15 at Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference. Quintessence Founder Roman Bout will deliver a presentation titled ‘How high-quality servicing of players through the support and VIP management affects online casino income’. 


• Importance of high-quality support.

• Support’s influence on LTV players.

• Cases of reducing customer outflow by 50%.

• How VIP managers should work.

• Influence of support on the company’s key metrics.

Roman has many years of experience in the online gambling industry. The specialist has worked with the largest regional operators such as Parimatch, MSL and UB Gaming.

In 2018, the speaker founded Quintessence, a SaaS solution for licensed online casinos allowing to decrease expenses on customer acquisition.  

The company won the Gaming Innovation Start-up Award in Macau as part of the prestigious iGA conference

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