Turnkey online casino: differences from white label and other peculiarities

Turnkey online casino: differences from white label and other peculiarities

Online casino website development requires much time and money. Therefore, entrepreneurs often make use of services that provide turnkey online casino developments. Let us find out what this notion means and what advantages it brings.

What is a turnkey online casino?

What is a turnkey online casino?

Turnkey online casino is a readymade solution that allows launching an online gambling resource. Simply speaking, a ready-for-service website with customized design, wanted games and interface. The customer receives a readymade product and has to launch it adhering to all legal regulations.

What does a turnkey online casino development include?

  • Hosting. The turnkey solution provider offers the customer hosting service to house the website. Usually, there is an opportunity to choose.

  • Software development. The provider has to supply the customer with functional software that will allow managing all functions of the resource – finances, content, and cyber protection.

  • Game content. It is important to choose relevant games for the chosen target audience of your online casino. Developers should provide you with a wide selection of games. Your task is to know the trends and distinctive features of your region.

  • Payment system. Companies that develop turnkey online casinos have to connect the website to payment systems you choose. It is important to remember that the modern audience of iGaming websites is rather exacting and wants to have the biggest choice possible.

  • Assistance in marketing. Not all providers offer this point. But it is very important, especially, if you do not know anything about product promotion in the unknown market. Advanced companies will offer you different options based on the analysis of trends and audience.

  • Technical support. Usually, customers do not have the needed knowledge to operate an online casino. Therefore, technical support can be very important at the initial stage – the developer can give advice on how to solve arising problems.

  • Assistance with licensing. The most important point of all, as without a license your activities will be illegal. Therefore, developers always offer legal support in the process of license acquisition in the chosen country. If there is no such option, it would be better to look for another developer.

How does a turnkey casino differ from the white label?

How does a turnkey casino differ from the white label?

A turnkey casino is a readymade solution that you can adapt to your needs. You can choose games, design, concept, promotion, business strategy, and the rest of the aspects. The only thing you will not have by default is a license. You will have to obtain it on your own.

White label resembles opening a coffee house using a franchise. You cannot choose the design, and your opinion does not matter when you want to draft the menu. Even marketing is not your business. You will not be able to adapt the white label online casino to your needs. However, there is an apparent advantage – you will have a license.

Why is a turnkey casino a beneficial choice?

Why is a turnkey casino a beneficial choice?

Firstly, it saves time. You will be able to launch your online casino in the shortest timeframe possible. You will not have to spend time on the preparation of the project from scratch. So you leave out months (or even years) of anticipation.

Secondly, it saves funds. Imagine that you have paid money for the turnkey casino solution and your competitor decided to do everything on his own. Yes, you have spent money, but while your competitor is looking for employees, sets up software, and deals with legal problems, you are already working and start making a profit.

Thirdly, it saves you from troubles. While your competitor is solving all difficulties independently, you delegated them to professionals. Few people have all the needed funds and knowledge to launch an online casino alone.

Where to purchase a turnkey online casino solution and how much does it cost?

Where to purchase a turnkey online casino solution and how much does it cost

The pricing for online casino development fully depends on your requirements. You will not find statical price lists in the market. The price depends on the platform you will operate, the number of games you plan to support, the number of payment systems you want to add, the complexity level of website design, and many other factors. Every developer will have to calculate the price depending on your queries.

It is hard and not quite fair to recommend some specific companies. However, there are several recommendations – choose the company that arrived in the market long ago and has a decent portfolio with feedbacks. Never give preference to companies that will not provide with technical support after the end of development works. In no way should you deal with the company that will not help you to obtain a license. By following these simple recommendations, you will be able to avoid careless developers.

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