“Online casino remains an uptrend in the gambling industry”. Interview with Affiliate Manager at RioBet Affiliates

“Online casino remains an uptrend in the gambling industry”. Interview with Affiliate Manager at RioBet Affiliates

Online casino remains an uptrend in the gambling industry, says Ekaterina L., affiliate program manager at RioBet Affiliates. In a special interview for Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference, the expert shared her personal observations of the online casino market, outlined the main advantages of the affiliate program and gave advice to the beginning webmasters.

RioBet Affiliates is an affiliate program that offers exclusive multiplayer licensed games, full adaptation to all devices of computer and mobile equipment. The affiliate program is based on commissions earned from the sale of entertainment services and products, such as sports bookmaking, poker and online casinos.

Interviewer: Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference (KGAC)

Speaker: Ekaterina L., affiliate program manager at RioBet Affiliates (Ekaterina)

KGAC: Gaming platforms are often blocked by supervising authorities, which scares webmasters. How can this problem be solved?

Ekaterina: Today many people use new mirrors together with services of searching for available mirrors – such a method provides a reliable mechanism for attracting and retaining customers. Moreover, more and more clients use VPN services: there is no blocking problem for them at all.

The main thing webmaster should know is that the mechanism is established and operational at the level of the marketing platform. Webmaster doesn’t need to take any additional actions, except for registration in the affiliate program and posting referral links or banners.

KGAC: Online casino is the fastest growing gambling segment in the European Union with an annual growth rate of 15%. Do you agree with this statement?

Ekaterina: In our opinion, the industry is growing much faster – 30-40% growth per year, remaining an uptrend. The reasons for this are the development of financial mechanisms on the Internet (from banking to cryptocurrency), the availability of smartphones, mobile Internet and its speed. Moreover, online gambling is increasingly recognized as a reliable, comfortable and modern form of entertainment.

KGAC: The online casino niche began to develop more actively – many competitors appeared on the market. What are three benefits that help you to remain a popular service?

Ekaterina: First of all, our competitive advantage is continuous development – from website design, new promotions and features to the improvement of the customer and partners servicing quality. We have a lot of unique solutions that cannot be found on other resources. These are exclusive games and unique tournaments.

The second advantage is the mobility orientation. Our product was originally designed for mobile sector, and smartphones and mobile Internet is a global trend. Now more than 50% of our customers are adherents of the mobile game. This is really convenient.

The third one is flexibility. Both in working with clients, and in the organization of business. Of course, there is a regulation and there is law, but rigid and clumsy structures don’t withstand competition. We are ready to change, which makes us practically invulnerable.

KGAC: It is known that webmasters receive a percentage of the money lost. But at the same time, if a player wins, the webmaster loses money. What is the probability to go into the red in such cases?

Ekaterina: In the long run, the webmaster is always in the black. But even if the red happens, the negative balance doesn’t go on to the next month, but is completely written off.

KGAC: This area is very dynamic. How do you think, what changes will the online casino market face in 5 years?

Ekaterina: In 5 years, a large market share will be formed by cryptocurrency and decentralized solutions. Now they are only building a basis and growing, but it is very likely that in the near future the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain will become the mainstream and the gold standard.

KGAC: What will be your advice to beginning webmasters: how to choose an affiliate program? Name three main aspects that should be taken into account when choosing the program.

Ekaterina: The first thing that webmasters should pay attention to is the product quality, since it is much more profitable to advertise a good product. The second is, of course, the conditions: the higher the percentage of profits is, the better. The third one is the availability of the product on the markets of your audience.

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