Review of Exhibition Area at Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2019, Part 2. Feedback from TruePlay and Digital Choo

Review of Exhibition Area at Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2019, Part 2. Feedback from TruePlay and Digital Choo

We have already told you about stands of PokerMatch international operator and SoftGamings online casino developer in the exhibition area at Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2019. You can also find feedback from their representatives in the previous material.

Keeping reviewing the exhibition area, we will consider another two exhibitors. Examine comments by Silver Sponsor, TruePlay, as well as by Lanyard and Badge Sponsor, Digital Choo.

TruePlay is the first affiliate program ensuring transparent pay-offs using blockchain.

Digital Choo (DC) is an international marketing agency with deep expertise in gaming and extensive experience in many other categories.

“Our core feature is protection from shaving,” Silver Sponsor – TruePlay

Attendees duly appreciated TruePlay’s stand surrounded by a crowd of people from the beginning till the end of the event. The presentation by its speaker played a critical part there. She announced the program release and the contest with 100% RevShare from engaged customers.

“Pretty high activity, a lot of interesting contacts,” TruePlay’s manager Alexey commented on the event, “We are presenting our project here. At the conference, Lyudmila Krivko – СМО at TruePlay – also revealed terms and conditions of our affiliate program and described the project in general.”

Alexey specified what the affiliate program showed in the exhibition area and what attracted attendees. “At the stand, we are explaining the advantages of the affiliate program. There is our branded merchandise bag for webmasters. We are sharing information and offering cocktails. However, the main thing is negotiations on the cooperation with those who are interested in our services and those whom we would like to work with.

The project is focused on blockchain, and many people wonder how it can affect gambling development. This topic will be initially intriguing to webmasters in order to find out how to apply this aspect in their operations. Our core feature is protection from shaving. This is the key factor affecting the outcome of the collaboration between webmasters and affiliate programs. When it is time to calculate money, everyone wants to see an actual sum. Our goal is to allow them to obtain all they deserve”.

The release of the new affiliate program protected from shaving and the related contest engaged many webmasters and affiliates. Moreover, such pleasant bonuses as merchandise and cocktails impressed even those who did not think of new cooperation.

"We are trying to find something special for everyone”,  Lanyard and Badge Sponsor – Digital Choo (DC)

Digital Choo’s stand allowed to communicate with numerous major representatives of the agency. Maxim Kirienko, the Head of mobile at Digital Choo (DC) and a conference speaker, answered guests’ questions.

Besides, the event was attended by Iryna Kurochkina (founder and СЕО), Oleg Profatylo (Chief Strategy Officer), Ilias Melikov (Chief Communications Officer), and Olga Garaeva (Head of Business Development).

“I like the event very much. I was surprised by the location at the beginning, but I appreciated it after entering the place and seeing a huge amount of experienced and skillful industry experts. Go on in the same vein, keep up the good work! Everything is awesome and great, the excellent team, visitors, and experts,” Ilias Melikov, PR Head at Digital Choo, said.

He also expressed his opinion about the conference, “Very interesting lectures. Our speaker talked about mobile digital aspects. He introduced one of the case studies with our primary client – Parimatch.”

“We are here with our stand, multiplying the number of new contacts and good networking. We met plenty of various attendees with relevant questions. We try to find an individual approach to each one. Digital Choo provides many verticals and services, thus we are trying to find something special for everyone, appropriate to their businesses,” Ilias Melikov stressed.

The third part of the exhibition area review will be dedicated to such exhibitors as Quints, SupportLAB, and LPB Bank. You will be able to discover details of their stands and feedback from participants in the material.

The post-event press release of Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2019 is available here >>>

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