Alisa Kirichok, Product Owner at Will Talk About Alternative Traffic Sources at KiAC 2021

Alisa Kirichok, Product Owner at Will Talk About Alternative Traffic Sources at KiAC 2021

Competition in the gambling niche is quite high. To be profitable, you need to consider not only standard, but also alternative traffic sources, such as mailings. Can they help to get maximum benefits? Alisa Kirichok, product owner at and founder of will answer the question at Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2021.

The speaker will cover the topic “Alternative traffic sources: web pushing, chatbots and email personalization”.

From the presentation, you will learn how to get maximum traffic from different channels using the example of a casino, as well as learn about the cases of building dashboards to track profits from different communication channels.

Alisa is a product owner at – a virtual mobile operator. Since 2005, the company has been establishing communication between businesses and customers on billions of devices around the world. The expert also works as a business coach at PrivatBank, Citrus,

The speaker specializes in the automation of mass communication systems using email, SMS, PUSH, Telegram. Over the years, she has implemented over 500 mailing projects in various industries: from e-commerce to finance, gambling and cryptocurrency.

Previously, she has been a Marketer at Unisender email marketing service. A regular participant at industry conferences in Ukraine and abroad.

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