We Should Not Implement Anybody’s Efficient System in This Country: Oleksiy Yevchenko, Vice President of Ukrainian Gaming Industry Association

We Should Not Implement Anybody’s Efficient System in This Country: Oleksiy Yevchenko, Vice President of Ukrainian Gaming Industry Association

Oleksiy Yevchenko reveals forecasts about gambling legalization terms in Ukraine and international experience that the country can adopt in an interview with Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference.

Oleksiy is Vice President of the Ukrainian Gaming Industry Association (UGIA). He was a member of the Tourism Expert Council at the Specialized Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and an Advisor to the Minister of Economic Development and Commerce. Mr. Yevchenko is actively engaged in the development of the bill on gambling business legalization in Ukraine.

Interviewer: Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference (KiAC)

Respondent: Oleksiy Yevchenko (O.Y.)

KiAC: According to your forecasts, when will the gambling legalization law be adopted?

O.Y.: I don’t know, but it seems to me that the law should be adopted not later than February 1. I strongly hope that it will face a certain transformation during this time and some expert comments will be ultimately taken into account.

KiAC: When could we see the first market changes after the adoption of the gambling legalization law?

O.Y.: We will immediately feel changes. Even before the law becomes effective, we will see which of the projects is chosen and discover the date of its execution. It is then that all market players will start acting in a certain manner. Their direction will depend on the final version of this bill.

One has been long waiting for this law, which is confirmed by the full house at this conference. The topic is relevant and interesting. Many market insiders, professionals, and experts are looking forward to seeing the adoption of this law.

KiAC: How much time do you think will be required to get the gambling market from the shadows? Is it actually possible?

O.Y.: It depends on the ultimate version of the bill. I don’t know because I have not seen it. No one will tell you this. Only after examining it and figuring out whether this bill stipulates real efficient mechanisms for combating the illegal market, I will be able to suggest approximately when we can expect such a “purification”.

Not only does the wording of law matter, but also whether the court system will be reformed, how decisions will be made, and how the law enforcement system will control the fulfillment of this law. It is important how fast the authorized body will be established and what powers it will receive to fight against illegal market operations.

Unfortunately, it is now impossible to answer these questions because of the informational vacuum. There are some assumptions, but they are just far-fetched predictions.

KiAC: How useful is the international experience in the gambling business development for the establishment of the Ukrainian gambling market?

O.Y.: Such an experience is essential and beneficial. One should rely on the best global practices and create a certain projection on the Ukrainian realities. We should not implement anybody’s system in this country. Ukraine is a different country, it’s not Georgia. The conference frequently mentioned the Georgian experience. But what is the scale of Georgia and what is the scale of Ukraine? How many people live in Georgia and how many people live in this country?

We cannot directly implement the experience of Macau, Korea, and Las Vegas. However, we should consider the best practices and try to adapt them to our realities.

KiAC: Could you provide examples of the best practices of gambling business operations in different countries?

O.Y.: The best practices mean an appropriately designed system proved to be efficient in the given country.

Speaking about different countries, for example, some US regions have definite restrictions. Some states allow gambling businesses and others do not. It is a practical experience. I don’t know how good it is. It can be applicable to our regions.

This practice seems to be great, as it has a real effect in the USA. Nevertheless, it won’t work in Ukraine because of a different administrative structure and other legislative opportunities for certain regions.

As to Georgia’s experience and potential arrangement of conditions when the territory is given for free if you build some objects there, Ukraine does not have similar mechanisms as of today. They have to be created legislatively.

We should take into account the world’s best practices and find out how to implement them in the best possible way in Ukraine.

KiAC: Please share your impressions about the conference. What presentations did you like most of all?

O.Y.: I liked a presentation by Shangri-La’s representative (Lavrenty Gubin) who talked about casino functioning and its stereotypes as well as provided case studies.

Besides, I liked people’s behavior. Everyone listened carefully. That’s so great when conference attendees listen to experts.

On December 18, Oleksiy Yevchenko participated in the KiAC round table dedicated to the transformation of the Ukrainian gambling market.

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