We Are Extensively Developing Collaboration with Hyperlocal Outsource Teams and Native Speakers, e.g. in Japanese: Oleksandr Gumeniuk, CEO at SupportLAB

We Are Extensively Developing Collaboration with Hyperlocal Outsource Teams and Native Speakers, e.g. in Japanese: Oleksandr Gumeniuk, CEO at SupportLAB

What is the operational concept of customer outsource support in the gambling niche? What are the best methods to retain clients? These and other relevant questions are answered by Oleksandr Gumeniuk, CEO at SupportLab, in an interview with Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference.

SupportLAB is an outsourcing company providing a wide range of customer support services. It has been operating on the market for more than 10 years. Company’s primary goals are to provide the best customer service and to increase revenues of gambling operators.

Interviewer: Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference (KIAC)

Respondent: Oleksandr Gumeniuk (O.G.)

KIAC: What common mistakes do companies make when working with clients? How can SupportLAB help them?

O.G.: The main mistake is that many companies truly consider client relations as the simplest part of brand operations. Consequently, they believe that they will be able to arrange their support service and other aspects from scratch without any experience. As a result, sometimes it is more expensive than requesting outsourcing services and frequently worse than high-quality outsource.

The SupportLAB team can help companies to immediately provide the high-end service as well as can ensure perfect user support, work with VIP players, and adjustment of automatic and manual retention marketing.

KIAC: What categories of customers does the company work with? What are the special features of cooperation with VIP players?

O.G.: We generally keep 100% of the client base. The way we work with a player depends on his/her value. When it comes to VIP players, we have a special person specializing in servicing the most valuable brand users. The key feature of working with VIP gamblers is the highly individual approach. Our managers know everything about players and realize how to work with them, enhance LTV, and make VIP players happy.

KIAC: What markets does the company cover? What are the differences in a customer approach depending on regions?

O.G.: We work with customers from any markets, but primarily from Europe, the CIS, Canada, and Australia. As to the approach, it is hard to explain because one should just understand what players of certain communities need, how swindlers from specific regions act, etc. Particular nuances are our small secret, as such a specific experience allows to prevent fraud, better apprehend players, and provide the best possible maintenance.

Besides, we are extensively developing the collaboration with hyperlocal outsource teams and native speakers, e.g. in Japanese.

KIAC: Tell us about the most complicated case study faced by the company over the past years. How do you manage to accomplish the task?

O.G.: A girl deposited 500 EUR and won 140,000 EUR in one of our client’s brands. We were asked to prevent her from leaving so that she would lose as much money as possible. We got started and found out everything about the girl: her favorite drinks, walks, and clubs. Furthermore, we figured out what venue she liked most of all. Therefore, our VIP manager became her best friend instead of looking for reasons for the ban and forfeiture of funds, which was a poor strategy in itself.

We gave the girl excellent bonuses, reserved a table in her favorite club, and did everything to help her enjoy the brand of our customer. Finally, she lost almost all money and withdrew only several thousand EUR. The mission was accomplished.

The only thing was complicated: to create and adjust the fully automated player retention and winback in more than 10 segments with large conversations in a week. We succeeded.

KIAC: What are the best methods to retain players? Why?

O.G.: In our view, the only appropriate method is to make gamblers feel pleasure, comfortable, and have fun along with the brand. One should organize interesting promotions, provide excellent user support, pay special attention to VIP players, conduct prompt transactions, and be honest.

KIAC: What communication channels are the best to cooperate with customers? Why?

O.G.: One should apply the most appropriate channels for their traffic. It is better to utilize several channels at once, which will render request to single CRM so that everyone will be able to use a channel they like.

KIAC: How does your company carry out fraud inspection?

O.G.: We check all withdrawals for any types of fraud, bonus misuse, or other violations. We thoroughly examine players’ bets, bonuses, documents, previous withdrawals and deposits. Consequently, we substantially save customer’s money, as they do not lose funds because of swindlers and bonus hunters.

KIAC: What will you introduce in the exhibition area at Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference?

O.G.: We will present the most important thing: the possibility to talk personally and discuss all aspects of our operations. If you have any questions about our services, or if you want to share your experience and discuss industry trends, welcome to our stand.

Attend SupportLAB’s stand in the exhibition area at Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2019 on September 26. Company representatives will be glad to answer your questions and share their experience.

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