“We Realized that Affiliates Also Need Transparent Statistics, so we created a unique blockchain-based solution – TruePlay Affiliate Program,” СМО at TruePlay Lyudmila Krivko

“We Realized that Affiliates Also Need Transparent Statistics, so we created a unique blockchain-based solution – TruePlay Affiliate Program,” СМО at TruePlay Lyudmila Krivko

What are the peculiarities and advantages of the first blockchain-based affiliate program? What bonuses will TruePlay provide to attendees of Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2019? Find out answers to these questions from the interview with Lyudmila Krivko, СМО at TruePlay.

Interviewer: Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference (KIAC)

Respondent: Lyudmila Krivko (L.K.)

KIAC: How did the idea of developing an affiliate program on blockchain appear? How long has the team been working on it?

L.K.: Our team wanted to solve the main problem of gambling for a long time – distrust between the player and casino, cheating with algorithms aimed to reduce the percentage of the winnings.

We have been working on the creation of the full-fledged blockchain platform for gambling for more than a year. We have recently integrated it with the FairPlay casino, which has quickly gained player attention and taken the leading position among blockchain casinos in Russia and Europe.

Then we understood that affiliates also needed transparent statistics and went further to set up TruePlay Affiliate program. It prevents any fraud, shaving, and eliminates the possibility to change the affiliate’s income for the benefit of the casino.

KIAC: What difficulties appeared when you were working on the program and how did you solve them?

L.K.: Things are not that explicit and simple with blockchain as the person that does not work with the technology may think. There are many pitfalls and you cannot consider them in advance. Therefore, we hired developers with extensive experience in smart contracts and specialists that know everything about affiliate programs.

Besides, we are the first affiliate program of the kind, so we take on the task of pioneers – to educate the market. Our primary goal is for affiliates to check the statistics in blockchain in the most convenient way, at any time. That is only possible with third-party services like Etherscan and MyEtherWallet, and we are going to provide a full how-to for our partners.

KIAC: How does the blockchain-based affiliate program differ from traditional programs?

L.K.: Blockchain is a distributed database that stores information about all transactions of participants of the system. The chain does not have one common server. Every participant is a server. For this reason, any attempt to make unauthorized changes is declined instantly. At the same time, information is publicly available and encrypted.

Traditional affiliate programs store data on closed servers and it is impossible to verify data integrity.

KIAC: What problems of webmasters is TruePlay Affiliate Program intended to solve?

L.K.: The main problem is shaving, faced by every webmaster even if he does not know about it. We have a guarantee – blockchain data cannot be changed or removed unnoticeably, so it is impossible to cut the income.

Brought players cannot disappear. The attachment of every player is recorded in the smart contract when the player registers.

Income can be checked. Our formulas are open and statistics is always available for checking both in the admin and blockchain explorer. At any moment, the affiliate can compare digits in his account with digits written in the smart contract.

KIAC: Which payment model does TruePlay Affiliate Program offer? What bonuses exist for webmasters?

L.K.: All affiliates are offered an increased Revenue Share until the end of the year. Besides, hybrid RevShare + CPA models are possible.

We will offer special super beneficial conditions for participants of Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference.

KIAC: What is TPLAY cryptocurrency intended for and what are its features?

L.K.: TPLAY tokens are a part of the functionality offered by the TruePlay platform. It’s an inner currency stored on TruePlay Wallets only and used solely as gambling chips in games. Thanks to ERC-20 tokens, we record all game sessions in blockchain and can compile statistics based on game ranking.

All wins, losses, results of every spin are taken into account. The affiliate sees the income in tokens, but we also specify the sum in dollars for convenience. The exchange rate of the token is tied to Ethereum: 1 ETH = 1000 TPLAY.

Tokens are another guarantee of the transparency of game transactions and all operations between the player, casino, and affiliate. Thanks to the fact that tokens can be stored only on crypto wallets of registered users, manipulations with fictitious winnings and losses are technically impossible.

KIAC: In what cryptocurrencies can one convert the earned funds? Is there a possibility to convert in fiat currencies?

L.K.: Players can deposit in all most popular cryptocurrencies and rubles. Affiliates can withdraw funds in all currencies convenient for them.

KIAC: Is the TruePlay Affiliate Program suitable for experienced webmasters only or for newbies as well? What benefits does it provide to both categories?

L.K.: The program has a standard functionality, which is common for webmasters. We provide a detailed guide of how to check blockchain data, so both experienced and beginning webmasters can handle it. Besides, a personal manager is attached to every affiliate and can be contacted in case of any questions.

KIAC: What other information will guests of Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference learn at the stand of your company?

L.K.: At the stand, we are planning to demonstrate the affiliate program in action, will help to register and understand blockchain functionality. We will make presents, communicate, do selfies, and connect on social media.

On September 26, Lyudmila will speak at the conference with the presentation “Transparent business for webmasters or the industry’s first blockchain-based affiliate program”. From her report, attendees will learn about solutions that blockchain provides to affiliate marketing and will be able to test them in the demo zone.

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