Best affiliate programs for streamers in 2018

Best affiliate programs for streamers in 2018

If your streams collect 50 and more viewers, you can earn not only on donations. Today, there are a lot of affiliate programs for streamers, which allow to receive a reward for every air. To take part in the majority of them, you don’t need anything difficult: just an adequate number of views and a filled application. This review will examine the best affiliate programs in 2018.        

Affiliate program of 2018: review of top offers  

1. Twitch. A popular service for streamers launches new affiliate programs almost every year in order to encourage platform participants. In 2018, it offers a paid emoji service – Cheer: users buy emojis to reward their favorite streamers. Each emoticon brings 1 cent. Terms of participation and a link to the form are available here.   

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Besides, Twitch offers users other ways to earn: 

• built-in advertising of services; 

• paid subscriptions; 

• direct advertising. 

2. A portal dedicated to eSports has recently launched an affiliate program for streamers. To enter it, you should broadcast certain events (Dota 2, League of Legends, and others) and become better than other candidates: the amount of available positions for partners is limited.      

3. Aetherius, a community uniting Russian-speaking players of The Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG, launched an affiliate program in February 2018. The program is designed for community participants and friendly players engaged in game streaming. Participants obtain support of the community, streaming and video promotion, more viewers and views, assistance in designing channels and videos, as well as the environment for communications. Aetherius gets indirect advertising.           

4. The 4game forum invites streamers and YouTubers who make Lineage2 clips. Initiated in 2017, the affiliate program keeps successfully operating. Prosperous participants are provided with gifts from sponsors, invitations to events, and engagement in game beta testing.    

5. A new service Streamcraft, a competitor of Twitch, is looking for talented streamers. Affiliate program participants can receive up to 100% of profit using subscriptions and up to 70% from gift sales.   

Do not forget that you can always add affiliate advertising with referral links to your streams. In this case, payment will depend on the amount of clickthroughs, thus take into account the audience needs: for example, goods for summer cottages or binary options will hardly be interesting to gamers. However, advertising of game key stores will definitely collects clickthroughs. To find appropriate partners, you should use Google search a lot and talk to website support services.        

How to join an affiliate program for streamers? 

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Various programs have different participation conditions. But almost all of them provide a great number of channel views. Therefore, if you aim to earn on affiliate programs and receive pleasant bonuses from sponsors, you should initially level up your channel.  

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