Best affiliates for traffic arbitrage

Best affiliates for traffic arbitrage

Arbitrage, or traffic resale in a network, gives an opportunity to generate considerable revenue. In this sphere, an affiliate program affects the performance of a webmaster.

The point of traffic arbitrage lies in actions of a webmaster aimed at the attraction of users and their redirection to target resources (for example, online casino or stores). For attracted users, an affiliate gets a money reward depending on program’s terms and traffic activity.

CPA, or Cost Per Action, is a rewarding model for online advertising enabled when an affiliate gets money for user actions (purchase, registration, app downloading).

There exist both individual offers for traffic monetization and entire CPA networks of offers. Networks provide a catalog of affiliates created for ad makers and arbitrage experts to find each other and then establish mutually beneficial partnership. An affiliate program and a CPA network considerably affect earnings of a webmaster.

Best CPA affiliates

Ad 1
Best affiliates for traffic arbitrage  - 1

The network provides 1000 offers for traffic arbitrage, mainly programs for product advertising through e-mails. A good option for beginner webmasters. The system accepts traffic from social networks, doorways. Thus, it’s not necessary to create and promote own website to start working. Ad 1 offers a standard toolset with a 24/7 support team. A referral program provides 5% payouts.

Action Pay
Best affiliates for traffic arbitrage - 2

A global network focused on such directions as finance, education, e-commerce, real estate, and traveling. Action Pay has a user-friendly filter for offers to choose a geolocation or even payment currency. Promo codes can be found in the special section. Action Pay also provides users with statistics.

Best affiliates for traffic arbitrage  - 3

This Ukrainian network has been successfully working for eight years, that’s why its offers are diversified starting from health products and financial solutions. PrimeLEAD provides statistical data, an API. It also allows to adjust deep links. The platform has offers for various traffic kinds, including doorway and motivated ones. This affiliate accepts UAH, USD, EUR, KZT, and RUB.

Best affiliates for traffic arbitrage  - 4

One of the time-proved affiliates that has been available since 2012 and is focused on household products, financial solutions, and of online store services. The target market of the platform is Ukraine as well as some CIS members (Kazakhstan, Poland, Belarus, and Russia). Offers are regulated in different ways. To send traffic, special links are generated (without an API). Payouts are provided through WebMoney and bank cards. Lower limit is 20 EUR.

Best affiliates for traffic arbitrage  - 5

A well new affiliate network for traffic arbitrage that is focused on the Ukrainian market. It offers programs related to cosmetics, household goods, Chinese products, and exclusive offers. Partent.Courier has its own call center, Skype support, and a possibility of API connection. Money withdrawal is available via a bank card and WebMoney without any limits.

Various themes of affiliates

One can find ready-made affiliates for traffic arbitrage directly on the websites of brands and goods. They include online stores on various themes, rental and booking platforms, dating services, and cinema.

Best affiliates for traffic arbitrage  - 6

This online store is focused on health products, cosmetics, and dietary supplement. The affiliates of the Ukrainian website ARGO obtain 5% of a purchase as a reward for partnership. When registered, one gets an access to statistics. Traffic from websites, blogs, social networks, and newsletters is accepted, but targeting should be adjusted to the Ukrainian geolocation.
Best affiliates for traffic arbitrage  - 7

The service allows users across the globe to book hotels online. The resource offers a steady affiliate program that has been functioning for a long period of time: affiliates are provided with a fully-fledged toolset, including banners, search boxes, plug-ins, and widgets. Affiliates get a percent of order revenue for traffic attraction.

Affiliates for traffic arbitrage in online casino

Affiliates for online casino are recognized as the most lucrative kind of these programs. As analyzed by Juniper Research, the total amount of bets in the gambling sphere would be valued at 1 tn USD by 2021, which is record-breaking though the competition is pretty tough on this market. Besides, webmaster’s income directly depends on the reliability of a chosen program for arbitrage.

Best affiliates for traffic arbitrage - 8

The program accepts traffic of the CIS and the European Union. RevShare ranges from 40 to 60% (depending on the number of attracted players). Payouts can be realized through bank cards, e-wallets, WebMoney, Yandex,Money. The resource is compatible with mobile devices.

Вулкан 365
Best affiliates for traffic arbitrage  - 9

This project is oriented towards the Ukrainian audience and accepts bets in hryvnias. The affiliate offers three methods of earning money for traffic: Revenue Share (up to 60%), CPA, and CPL (one-time). Money withdrawal is possible only twice a month: passive balance expires. This affiliate program provides 24/7 customer support.

Best affiliates for traffic arbitrage - 10

It allows to monetize traffic and create own casino on a subdomain. RevShare of the first month is 45%, then – 40%. Money withdrawal is limited to 10 USD and is possible via a WMR wallet.


Before choosing an affiliate platform for arbitrage, it’s necessary to take a closer look at working conditions and a possibility to withdraw money. Besides, find out whether you can direct traffic and whether a webmaster needs a promoted website as well as the arbitrating methods an ad maker supports.

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