Kyiv-Tbilisi Affiliate Journey: Uniting Cities and Ideas

Kyiv-Tbilisi Affiliate Journey: Uniting Cities and Ideas

The eagerly-anticipated Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2019 is just a month away! We’re inspired by your active interest to the event! Conference program is almost full, and it’s time to present another specialized event from Smile-Expo.

Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference

On October 18, we will organize Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference in Tbilisi, discussing the marketing in offline and online gambling on the examples of real business cases, as well as practical tools for webmasters and affiliates.

Event will be useful to everyone interested in gambling business, highlighting the most relevant methods of using traffic today. Special attention will be dedicated to the Georgian market and its prospects.

Kyiv-Tbilisi affiliate journey

Undoubtedly, everyone working on the iGaming market will benefit from attending both events, where they will be able to talk to local experts, find out more about the operations in the region, and learn about the prospects for launching and expanding the business.

That’s why we’re offering you to join the Kyiv-Tbilisi affiliate journey and get the combo ticket to both events!

On August 28, you can go to the registration page of any of those two events and get your double ticket.

Up till September 3, it will cost €150, which is cheaper than buying tickets to these events separately.

Each week, the price on combo ticket will grow and with each price increase, we’ll add new exciting options.

The Kyiv-Tbilisi affiliate journey offer is valid till September 22.

The program of Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference >>>

The program of Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference >>>

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