Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2021 Unites the Best of the Best! Meet Five Top Speakers

Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2021 Unites the Best of the Best! Meet Five Top Speakers

Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference will take place on November 3. The event will bring together cool specialists from the affiliate industry who know how to drive traffic to gambling. Do you want to learn the same? Then be sure to come! There will be only good content and maximum useful communication.

Meet five experts who will raise the hottest questions related to profitable promotion in the iGaming industry. Get ready - there will be many interesting things!

  • Victor Karpenko - founder of SeoProfy website promotion company. Owner of LinkChecker.PRO. For over 14 years he has been successfully promoting projects at iGaming.

The speaker will make a presentation on the topic “Step by step development of a SEO project in the gambling and betting industry: From 0 to result”. You will find out how to promote a resource and get to the top of search results without draining your budget.

  • Alina Plyushch - co-founder of Sayenko Kharenko law firm. Included in the list of the best private wealth management lawyers. Over the past seven years, she has been actively developing new gambling legislation in Ukraine.

She will cover the topic “A year after legalization. What have already been achieved and what legal changes can be expected on the Ukrainian gambling market in 2022?” Alina will tell you why so few companies have entered the Ukrainian gambling market, and analyze what factors are holding back the development of the industry.

Carlo Pagan - Former Vice President of Marketing at European Casino Association. Member of the Board at the European Casino Association.

The expert will present a report: “Innovations in game marketing”. He will talk about industry innovations and the 7P concept. He will also list the latest affiliate marketing tools.

Nikita Petrenko - co-owner of ImproveTeam arbitration team. He has five years of experience in gambling and CPA marketing.

Topic: “Affiliate programs vs direct advertisers. Which models are better?” You will learn about the criteria for choosing an affiliate in arbitration, study the advantages and disadvantages of affiliate programs. In addition, Nikita will tell where to look for direct advertisers, share who ImproveTeam works with and why.

Alisa Kirichok - creator. Specializes in communications, gambling, fintech, crypto.

The topic of her talk is “Alternative traffic sources: web pushing, chatbots and email personalization”. She will explain how to grow traffic and get profit from different channels (email, SMS, push, Telegram).

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