What Tools to Use to Grow the Interest in Your Offer – Highlighted by Roman Manuylov from Alfaleads

What Tools to Use to Grow the Interest in Your Offer – Highlighted by Roman Manuylov from Alfaleads

How to attract more customers to an online casino using affiliate networks? How to grow the interest in your offer and why webmasters need educational materials?

On September 26, Chief Marketing and PR Officer of Alfaleads Roman Manuylov will answer these questions at Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference. He will make a presentation for the participants of the event titled “How to get the maximum of quality traffic from an affiliate network”.

Key points:

  • how to draw interest to an offer using promotional campaigns and joint events;

  • how to work with information;

  • how a webmaster can get more quality traffic thanks to educational materials;

  • affiliate network as a full-cycle marketing agency.

You will have an opportunity to talk to the speaker in person and ask him questions at the conference.

Roman Manuylov has been involved in marketing for 9 years. Having started from CPI six years ago, he got into arbitrage. The expert’s favorite tools he uses in his work are classic PR, viral promotion, multi-stage sales funnels, basic principles of marketing adapted to the realities of the market.

In his career, the expert worked as a PR director at Snaappy. Besides, he was a project head manager at Adcombo CPA network.

Currently, Roman is a Chief Marketing and PR Officer at Alfaleads, an affiliate network that focuses on gambling, dating, sweepstakes, and adult. Besides, it runs an MBA (Master of Benchmark Attribution) course, where top arbitrage specialists and leaders of media buying teams are taught to work with foreign gambling offers.

Learn more about traffic acquisition using affiliate marketing from the speaker at the conference.

Read more about details and participants of the conference here >>>

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