How to make money on affiliate programs in online casinos

How to make money on affiliate programs in online casinos

Online casino is one of the most profitable segments in the entertainment industry. According to Juniper Research, the total sum of online bets will reach a trillion dollars by 2021. A part of the amount will become casino revenue, and some part will go to members of affiliate programs. So, how to make money in the gambling field and where to start? 

Efficient placement of online casino ads is profitable way of making money that can become your main source of living in case of a reasonable approach. Webmasters (partners) that participate in affiliate programs receive from 40 to 60% of the website’s earnings depending on the conditions of the affiliate program. In some cases, the registration of users that followed the advertising link is rewarded (on average, $150 for a player). 

However, webmasters make most of income for loyal players that they brought to the online casino. Players are attached to the member of the affiliate program, whose link sent them to the website. As a result, a webmaster gets a remuneration for every bet placed by ‘his’ player (or several players). Before you start working with affiliate programs of online casinos, it is important to understand how they function and what actions are rewarded there. 

Making money on affiliate programs of online casinos 

Similar to land-based casinos, online gambling houses receive revenue from active players. Any online casino is interested to attract as many new players as possible by any legal means. One of them is an affiliate program. Casinos are ready to pay for customer acquisition and give a part of their revenue to webmasters. 

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An approximate scheme of how affiliate programs work: 

• a webmaster posts an article about online casino bonuses or special offers on his website or blog providing a link to the casino website in the article;

• a user clicks on the link and goes to the casino website; 

• the user makes a deposit and is attached to the webmaster, whose link he followed;

• once per week or month, the program calculates and pays out the reward, which is the percentage of the player’s losses. 

The principle is quite simple, but in practice webmasters have to apply much effort to attract active players, convert, and retain them. 

The income will also depend on the terms of the affiliate program. For example, some of them imply that webmasters will receive a percentage of the sum lost by their players. However, when players win, the webmaster can lose money. It would be better to choose affiliate programs that reset the negative balance once per month or week. 

The most efficient way to supply an online casino with stable traffic is having your own popular website (blog, themed group of a social network). Webmasters can also attract traffic by purchasing ad space on third-party websites such as teaser, arbitrage, and social networks. In addition, there is a possibility to place links on forums and in mailings for free. 

Affiliate programs of online casinos 

Let’s review several top affiliate programs of popular online casinos: offerings, payouts, and percentage of possible income. 

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One of the most well-known online casinos in the Russian segment. It regularly expands the range of entertainment options and slots and always looks for new customers. VULKAN works with affiliates, offering them 50% of the revenue from attracted players. Payouts are made through Webmoney, Yandex.Money, Paxum, and Qiwi. Negative balance is reset. 

Peculiarities: VULKAN works with websites that do not grow traffic using illegal methods. 


This brand involves several online casinos including AzartPlay and FrankCasino. They pay half of the sum spent by players. In addition, a program that rewards webmasters for the registration of a customer is available. Also, there is a referral system with 5% payouts. Negative balance is reset once per month. 

Peculiarities: contests for webmasters with cash prizes from $100 to $2000 (for example, for the highest income or development of a successful website from scratch). 


This program has been active since 2002 embracing different countries of the world and tens of thousands of affiliates. To attract traffic for EUROPARTNERS, you do not necessarily have to own a website, as the most important thing is the result. The program offers a free package of necessary tools: mailing patterns, banners, pages. The sum of payouts ranges from 25 to 40% (the highest percentage is awarded in case the webmaster brings more than 200 players). 

Peculiarities: a complex system of fees. 

It is important to be attentive and critical when choosing an affiliate program of an online casino. Promises of huge earnings are not always real: one should study feedbacks on forums and websites dedicated to affiliate programs.  

What is required to make money from affiliate programs? 

The existence of a website does not guarantee that you will make big earnings from the first days. You will need to search for, attract, and constantly retain the target audience, as well as support and promote your website, for instance, to fill it with high-quality content. What else is needed to make money from the affiliate program of an online casino? 

To understand your target audience. Potential players search the web for information that will help them find a new online casino. So, one should be able to feel the needs of customers, speak in their language, provide relevant information rather than a set of keywords. 

To take into account fluctuations in income. One should understand that affiliate programs do not bring stable incomes. In one month you can get $100, and in another – $1000. Besides, the webmaster’s income is calculated in the end of the month, meaning that the balance may equal to $2000 in the beginning and fall to $20 in the end of the month if players win (or vice versa). 

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To gather statistics. It is not enough to make a preliminary analysis and thoroughly study the affiliate agreement. To work successfully, one needs to analyze every month of work with the affiliate program: at least, to monitor sources of quality traffic and make corresponding conclusions. 

To update links. In many countries of the world, including Ukraine, gambling is not encouraged at the legislative level. It means that online casinos change domains, create mirror websites. Webmasters should systematically check whether traffic is sent to the correct domain (and change the link to the direct one).  

It is not that easy to make money on affiliate programs of online casinos, but a serious approach can make affiliate programs your main source of income. This difficult job implies learning player behavior and regularities of profit making, as well as using different methods of traffic acquisition. 

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