How webmasters and advertisers can come to understanding? Interview with Tatiana Nasonova

How webmasters and advertisers can come to understanding? Interview with Tatiana Nasonova

November 15, the capital of Ukraine will host Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference, the event dedicated to online gambling development and moneymaking through affiliate programs. The head of the affiliate program, arbitrage specialist Tatiana Nasonova will become one of the speakers of the conference.

Nasonova is an author of Severe St Petersburg Arbitrage public and Black Inc. She manages the affiliate program, where she also plays the role of the marketer, brand manager, and traffic manager. She focuses on the work with Facebook, non-Russian geolocation, product offers.

We talked to Tatiana to find out how a webmaster should choose platforms for work and which nuances to pay attention to when creating an offer.

Interviewer: Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference (KIAC)

Respondent: Tatiana Nasonova (T.N.)

KIAC: What platforms will online casino webmasters find beneficial, what are their characteristics?

T.N.: A webmaster chooses an offer basing on two main characteristics: payout for conversion and conversion rate.

A conversion rate depends on many factors from both sides a webmaster and an advertiser. Conditions of offer (goal – registration or deposit, amount of minimum deposit, baseline sum) influence the conversion for the webmaster: for example, the higher the baseline, the lower the conversion. But these factors are not so important as the advertiser’s platform and the model of work with incoming traffic.

Specifically the advertiser has to process the traffic of webmasters correctly, meaning to build a good sales funnel and customer retention model. It is important to think over the whole process starting from registration, as specifically at this stage many advertisers lose a lot of traffic. Also, it is important to enable seamless operation of the platform, quickly eliminate bugs and lags, make sure that the website is user-friendly, organize good customer support, make a mobile version of the platform and a mobile app.

A good offer is an offer with a convenient website, mobile version, and simple registration. It is available in languages of those geolocations where it works, accepts deposits from different payment systems, has all trendy and top games. It is also desirable that the advertiser tests the offer and proposes a commission proportionate to the conversion.

KIAC: What principles should an advertiser adhere to in the work with a webmaster?

T.N.: The simplest thing to increase traffic volume and grow the interest of partners in the offer is to create a mobile version and a mobile app if you still do not have them. You also need to shift to personalized conditions and work with partners basing on individual commissions. 

If an advertiser proposes a single rate for all sources (within one offer), in fact, he can substantially restrict the options of partners: for instance, it is hardly possible to generate traffic with contextual advertising efficiently with a $50 commission for a minimum deposit. In such a way, if you offer $50 for a minimum deposit, keep in mind that it will be social traffic and traffic from teaser ads. Whereas context, native advertising, playmarkets will not work with such an offer.   

KIAC: Which common mistakes do advertisers make in the work with webmasters? How does it influence traffic? 

T.N.: It happens that advertisers have an irresponsible attitude to the funds of their partners, make untimely reconciliation checks, make mistakes, rarely come into contact, and slowly respond to bugs. It also happens that some advertisers ambiguously assess the traffic of partners, I call them instable: today everything is ok, but tomorrow – not ok; today I pay, but tomorrow – I don’t.       

It is important for webmasters to feel secure and safe, as they buy traffic for their own money and invest in your product. If they see that something goes wrong from your side and there is zero response from you, or if you change your opinion from day to day and play with payouts, your product will receive a corresponding reputation of an unreliable partner.

KIAC: Which factors influence the conversion capacity of an offer?


  • Simple registration form.
  • Availability of a mobile version.
  • Website usability.
  • Availability of a mobile app.
  • Sales funnel on the advertiser’s platform.
  • Brand awareness and recognition.
  • Payouts for a minimal deposit or a minimal baseline (amount of a deposit that allows scoring up conversion).
  • In case of a baseline – accumulative deposit.
  • Competitive commission when compared to other offers.

KIAC: Which nuances should you pay attention to when creating an offer?

T.N.: It is important to pay attention to conditions of competitors and KPI. If you do not set up an adequate KPI from the start, problems can emerge with the quality evaluation of traffic from webmasters as well as with the settlement of disputable situations. These are the main mistakes when creating an offer: non-competitive conditions or inadequate KPI.

KIAC: What will you be speaking about at the conference in Kyiv? What are your expectations of the participation in the event?

T.N.: My presentation will cover the issue of how to make your offer as attractive as possible for webmasters. I will present a case of casino offer optimization for arbitrage. I will show results ‘before and after’, explain in detail which factors of the advertiser’s platform can substantially influence conversion, what to pay attention to and what to improve to increase the interest of webmasters in your product.

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