How to Drive Traffic to Betting Offers with Push Notifications? Useful Recommendations

How to Drive Traffic to Betting Offers with Push Notifications? Useful Recommendations

Great popularity of sports and growth of the betting market led to the situation when betting became one of the most progressive affiliate marketing niches. Arbitragers, that mastered this vertical, successfully bring traffic to betting companies and get high incomes.

Today different traffic sources are available for work with betting offers. Push notifications are some of the most efficient.

What peculiarities does the betting vertical have? Why esports offers are some of the most progressive in the market? How to drive traffic to betting websites with push notifications? You can read about all of it further in the article.

Betting vertical in 2020: the most popular sports for betting

Betting vertical in 2020

Working in the betting niche, arbitragers drive traffic to offers of betting companies. Eventfulness is one of the main features of this vertical. Therefore, to make a profit, it is important to keep up with all current sports events, betting market trends, and launch advertising campaigns on time.

To drive traffic to betting websites successfully, it is useful to know the most popular sports for betting. According to Betting Insider's data as of 2019, bettors showed the greatest demand for football (43.5% of the betting market), tennis (23.1%), basketball (8.5%), hockey (8.3%), volleyball (6.1%), table tennis (5.5%), and other sports (5%).

types of sports

Source: Betting Insider

Driving traffic to esports offers: what an arbitrager should know?

In the betting niche, an advertising campaign should be targeted not only to the users that follow traditional sports competitions. It can be also targeted to the fans of esports, which is growing in popularity with every year.

Esports betting became especially relevant this spring, when quarantine restrictions were introduced throughout the world due to COVID-19 pandemic. In the time when most of championships were halted and big competitions were postponed, esports was the direction that allowed bettors to place bets and arbitragers to make money by driving traffic to bookmakers. As a result, the esports segment of the betting market started to grow.

Esports field does not stand still in Ukraine as well. For example, this July Kyiv-based Dnipro Hotel reported plans to create a space intended for esports events. And in September, esports was officially recognized as a sport.

Do you want to drive traffic to esports offers successfully? You should study the peculiarities of the esports target audience, understand in what countries it enjoys the biggest popularity, and find out the trendiest video games. Using this information, you can choose efficient traffic sources, develop eye-catching banners, and prepare quality content.

For the most accurate geographic targeting, you should understand what geo to handle. According to Statista, esports was most popular in the following parts of the world in 2019:

  • Asia Pacific (APAC) – 57% of the global esports audience;

  • Europe – 16%;

  • North America – 12%;

  • Other countries – 15%.

countries it enjoys the biggest popularity, and find out the trendiest video games

Source: Statista

As for the most in-demand esports games, NewZoo reported that League of Legends was the most popular esports discipline in 2019. Live streams of tournaments accumulated 348.8 million view hours. Then goes CS: GO with 215 million view hours, Dota 2 – 198.8 million view hours, Overwatch – 109.9 million hours, and HearthStone – 37 million hours.

the most in-demand esports games

Source: NewZoo

As for the CIS, Esports Charts reports that in 2019 leading positions in terms of total view hours were taken by Dota 2 (113.8 million view hours), CS:GO (50.9 million hours), Warface (4 million hours), HearthStone (3.4 million hours), PUBG (2.7 million hours).

How to promote betting offers using push notifications?

In 2020, push notifications are some of the most available betting traffic sources. For the arbitrage in this vertical to bring high profit, it is important to choose an appropriate offer, correctly determine geo, study the target audience, prepare an efficient advertising campaign, and analyze your performance based on the results of its implementation. Let’s review each point in detail.

Point 1. Selection of offer

Affiliate programs have a wide range of offers from different betting houses. When choosing a certain offer, pay attention to such nuances as payment model, conditions, permitted advertising techniques, available promo materials, etc.

In the betting niche, advertisers usually offer arbitragers the following payment models:

  • СРА – cost per action. An arbitrager is paid when the user brought by him makes a desired action, for example, makes a deposit.

  • RevShare – the betting company pays the arbitrager a share of revenue that it obtained from the user brought by the arbitrager.

  • Hybrid model – combines the abovementioned payment models.

Newbie arbitragers are recommended to choose CPA offers. As for the RevShare and hybrid models, it would be better to start working with them when you already understand the subtleties of the niche and have experience in driving push traffic.

Apart from the financial issue, make sure that the affiliate program accepts push traffic. If the offer does not imply this option, you will not get paid for the brought users.

Another nuance worth paying attention to is advertising materials. Most of betting affiliate programs offer readymade creatives of different formats. But in the absence of promo materials, you will have to develop them on your own, which requires certain skills and knowledge.

Point 2. Selection of geo

With the correct approach to development and implementation of the advertising campaign, you can successfully get leads from different geos. If you want to attract players using push notifications, first of all pay attention to the following countries.

  • Tier 1 – countries with high purchasing power. Scandinavian countries, Canada, and English-speaking countries are the best match for work with betting offers. These geos require high budgets but bring high conversion level.

  • Tier 3 – India and African countries. Arbitragers that are just mastering the betting niche are recommended to work with these countries. In the specified regions, traffic acquisition is cheaper. Offers of the well-known brands have the best conversion rates there.

Point 3. Analysis of target audience

It is difficult to acquire good-quality traffic and high profit not knowing the peculiarities of the target audience of betting companies. Therefore, for successful work in the betting niche, it is important to understand what users to target ads to so that they bring a positive effect.

The research findings of Mostbet Partners affiliate program and Mostbet betting company show that an average bettor looks as follows. A man aged 25 to 34 years old, living in a big city. Most frequently bets are placed by married people that have complete secondary or higher education. Potential customers of bookmakers are usually hired employees and have an average or above average income.

Women do not often place bets at betting outlets – less than 10% of the total number of active users.

In addition to the characteristics of the target audience, it is also worth studying which sports are most popular in a certain country. For example, football is in the first place in Europe, cricket – in India, and the Japanese prefer baseball.

Analysis of target audience betting

Point 4. Preparation of advertising campaign

Advertising campaigns intended to acquire push notification traffic can be roughly divided into:

  • Event campaigns associated with certain matches, tournaments, championships.

  • Traditional campaigns used to attract new customers.

The first type is launched before big or significant sports events, for example, the Olympic Games or football world championships. At such moments, the interest of people in sports betting is growing. For this reason, prior to matches and other competitions, the arbitrager can drive lots of traffic to betting websites and get a high profit. Here, it is important to launch the campaign in time, otherwise you can fail to achieve the desired result.

Traditional advertising campaigns, not connected to the start of sports events, serve for lead generation.

The following types of push notifications are used to promote betting offers:

Wow-push notification. Example: “Win! Oleksandr has won $7,546 betting on “Shakhtar – Dynamo”. The main goal is to impress the user. This notification type can be used to attract new players and users that have minimum experience in betting. Wow-push notifications can lead to the pre-landing page containing an article that describes how the bettor won a big sum.


Event push notification. Example: “Barcelona – Real Madrid. Match on November 22, super odds. Make your bet!” Such notifications are created for a certain sport event. To obtain the best results, use player images, club emblems, and other elements known by people in the creative. Event push notification has to lead the user to the page of the match, on the outcome of which the bet is offered.

Event push notification

Push notification about a bonus. Example: “PariMatch. $10 to all new players!” Such notifications are used to promote a betting brand. They have to lead to a nicely designed landing page containing information about bonuses from the bookmaker, and then to the registration page.

Push notification about a bonus

Point 5. Analysis of results

To understand the efficiency of your advertising campaign, you need to analyze its results. Basing on the obtained data, you can take a decision regarding the necessity of any changes.

Reviewing the campaign’s results, primarily assess the following parameters:

  • СTR – click-through rate – an online marketing metric, which is a ratio of the number of clicks on an advertisement to the number of views.

  • CR – conversion rate.

  • ROI – coefficient that shows the expected rate of return or loss of the campaign.

  • СTR assessment allows defining how interesting push notifications were for users. If the analysis shows negative results, you should change the design of the creative.

Analysis of CR helps to determine the efficiency of your campaign. For example, in the betting niche, the sales funnel usually consists of such stages as registration on the betting website and depositing. If registrations exceed deposits, it is likely that you attracted insufficiently solvent users or poorly incentivized them. To improve the numbers, you need to improve the quality of creatives and target them to more experienced bettors.

Besides, the low percentage of registrations can be connected to the fact that creatives use misleading elements. For example, if the push notification contains information about registration bonuses, it will bring more conversions in case the data is true and the betting company really offers bonuses to new customers.

And the final stage in the analysis of an advertising campaign is the study of ROI. If the rate of loss reaches -20% when you promote a betting offer, there are chances to improve numbers by using other creatives or changing the promotion strategy. If you go into the red for more than 20%, you should change the offer or target advertising to another audience.

More information about efficient ways of making money in the gambling and betting niches will be provided at Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2020, held in November. 

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