How to start earning on the Internet | Affiliate programs for newcomers

How to start earning on the Internet | Affiliate programs for newcomers

Nowadays, goods and services resources and data portals earn using affiliate programs. Such programs allow to attract new customers and gain profit. How can newcomers join the affiliate program and what should be known in order to make cooperation generate income? Let’s find out.      

What is affiliate program and how does it work? 

An affiliate program is a type of cooperation between a seller of a certain product and a service able to advertise it on its own platform. Therefore, product owners can attract new customers and sell goods, while partners can obtain profit for their assistance in advertising.    


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To start earning in such a way, you should sign up in one of the affiliate programs and place ads from product sellers on your own website.     
Thereafter, website users will find ads, discover about a new resource, and follow the link.  

Affiliate programs: must-know for beginners

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Newcomers should keep in mind several rules before placing ads on their own resources. 

Advertising on specialized platforms

It is quite significant to take into account the audience of the website where ads will be placed because advertising should be similar to the website focus. The main goal is not to disappoint the audience in the resource operation and to spark the interest of users in partner’s goods.      

Quality of promoted product  

One should promote well-tried goods with the perfect quality: for this purpose, you can order and test the product on your own. Thus, the owner of the resource placing ads will be sure that they do not lose audience credibility.     

Partner’s credibility 

It is also important to draw attention to the operation of a potential partner and hold off on concluding the agreement. You should initially analyze what reward system the seller offers for ads and find out the concept of pay-offs.    

Amount of advertising 

You should monitor the amount of ads placed on the website: do not add too many links in order not to transform an information website into an advertising platform. Besides, it is important to note that the sum of clicks affects profit, thus you should choose the best possible amount of ads.     


Both beginning and experienced platforms should gather statistics and monitor the cooperation results. It will allow to define the efficiency of website actions and their impact on profit.    

Common mistakes among newcomers

 Pursuing profit from ad placement, platforms can lose their audience and, consequently, their revenue. Such a situation may be caused by common mistakes made by beginning partners.   

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Wrong choice of affiliate program 

Newbies should begin with the promotion of cheap but useful and salable goods. It will help to gain experience and earn user confidence.   

Wrong choice of the amount of affiliate programs 

Desiring to receive large profit, newcomers conclude agreements with many affiliate programs at the same time, but this won’t affect the increase of income. 
It is better to start cooperating with two or three affiliate programs and analyze working results after the certain period. Afterwards, if necessary, you can expand the network of affiliate programs.    

Acquisition of untargeted customers 

With the increasing amount of website sessions, it may seem that the promoted product will anyway kindle somebody’s interest. However, this approach does not yield favorable results. You should remember that users enter a platform for a definite purpose. Therefore, you have to take care of ad quality and subject. 

How much can newcomers earn? 

There is no definite sum of possible earnings for beginners. The amount of revenue depends on various aspects, for instance, on the cost of customer attraction and the number of potential clients.   

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You should also realize that affiliate programs are different, which affects the terms established by the product seller.  

Entering an affiliate program, newcomers should carefully choose partners and should not forget about the development of their own resource, placing ads from strange platforms.  

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