How to Acquire Traffic Using Google Ads 2020? Main Peculiarities

How to Acquire Traffic Using Google Ads 2020? Main Peculiarities

Contextual advertising is considered to be one of the main traffic sources in arbitrage. And Google Ads is an online service of contextual advertising that allows placing ads on Google search engine results pages. When used correctly, the service helps to optimize the lead generation budget and successfully promote both time proven and exclusive offers.

Find out more about Google Ads tools that may be useful for arbitragers in 2020 further in the article.

Smart Bidding for automated bid setting in Google Ads

Smart Bidding

When creating an advertising campaign in Google Ads, an arbitrager can choose two bid strategies: manual and automated. In the first case, you need to set the maximum cost-per-click (CPC) on your own. And in the case of the automated strategy, the contextual advertising service automatically adjusts bids.

Smart Bidding is an intelligent bid setting system powered by artificial intelligence. To display ads to the target audience and adjust bids, Google Ads tracks a great number of signals – data that the system receives from both the advertiser and the search engine. Among other things, it analyzes such attributes as language, device, time of day and weekday, browsing history, demographic data, etc.

Smart Bidding works as follows. The user enters a query that matches the keywords in the ad. Google Ads evaluates data that comes from the advertiser and the search engine. Smart Bidding then optimizes bids in real time for each advertiser's auction.

Currently, advertisers can use four Smart Bidding strategies.

Smart Bidding is a good option for the arbitragers that want to save the trouble of manual bidding or don’t know exactly how to work with Google Ads auctions. Besides, the system allows checking the efficiency of a certain bundle and finding more optimal ways to drive traffic.

Accurate targeting in Google Ads

Accurate targeting in Google Ads

Success of an advertising campaign largely depends on ad targeting. The chances of your offer to get a response will increase if it is seen by the very users for whom it is intended. For example, if an arbitrager drives traffic to betting offers, ads should be targeted to be seen primarily by men aged 25-50 years old, who represent the target audience of betting outlets, rather than women over 50 years old.

When setting up advertising in the search engine, you can choose the following types of the target audience, among others:

  • demographics;

  • affinity. It allows attracting users based on information about their interests, habits, and hobbies;

  • in-market. By choosing this audience, you can attract users factoring in their purchase intent;

  • similar audiences. It adds new users, whose interests are similar to current customers and website visitors.

One of the efficient tools of advertising adjustment in Google Ads is a combined audience. It is a targeting technique that allows determining the target audience as the one involving several groups formed by different criteria, for example, demographical attributes and interests. This tool allows adding men and women based in Kyiv and interested in esports to one audience and adjust targeting of a certain ad.

Doing traffic arbitrage, you can create combined lists. To choose an audience on your own, you need to combine remarketing lists using logical operators “and”, “or”, “not”.

However, when choosing such an approach for traffic acquisition, you should take into account that Google Ads does not show ads targeted for a combined audience that includes not more than 1,000 users. Such measures are required to protect confidentiality.

By paying special attention to accurate retargeting, you can make your ads more optimized for the required target audience.

Budget simulator for forecasting campaign efficiency

Budget simulator for forecasting campaign efficiency

In the process of promoting offers using Google Ads, an arbitrager can encounter the need to change the budget of the advertising campaign. Using a special simulator, you can find out how changes may influence advertising efficiency and the optimal way to distribute available funds.

The simulator works as follows. You enter the sum you plan to spend on ad promotion. The program makes calculations and determines how many clicks and conversions an arbitrager can get taking into account the specified investment.

Using such a tool, you can define the optimal budget without extra expenditures, which will allow you to achieve needed results in traffic acquisition.

Advertising format for creating a demand for exclusive offers

Discovery Ads

Working with Google Ads, an arbitrager can target ads not only to the people pursuing a concrete goal during the search. Ads can be also targeted to the audience that searches for something new.

If you promote exclusive offers, you can use the Discovery Ads format offered by Google Ads, which uses the CPC model. It allows placing ads in:

  • YouTube’s feed;

  • social media pages and Gmail special offers;

  • Google Discover Feed displayed on the home page of Google app for iOS and Android, as well as on for mobile devices.

To launch a campaign, you need to upload the elements of an ad: logo, descriptions, headlines, etc. They will be shown automatically. The appearance of an ad depends on where it is placed. For example, on Discover Feed, ads are shown as native banners with large images, and on YouTube, ads are supplemented with a call to action.

In Discovery Ads, advertisers can adjust audiences, among other things, by intents formed based on such data as views on YouTube, downloads in Play Market, etc.

Gallery Ads – carousel ads for mobile search

Gallery Ads

Gallery Ads format is a gallery made of four to eight swipable images. Such ads include a headline and a short description.

This type of ads is placed in the top of mobile search results. Users can view ads in two positions: vertical and horizontal.

Gallery Ads allows the advertiser to spend the budget efficiently, as he pays only for such user actions as views of more than three images or visiting a website.

More information about traffic arbitrage and efficient ways of earning money in the gambling field will be provided at Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2020, held in November.

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