Transformation of the Gambling Market in Ukraine: Results of Discussion at KiAC

Transformation of the Gambling Market in Ukraine: Results of Discussion at KiAC

On December 18, Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference highlighted the key topics of legalization of the gambling business in Ukraine and the application of the international experience for its regulation.

Panel discussion titled Transformation of the Gambling Market in Ukraine took place as part of the event, gathering experts of gambling business and government representatives. Unfortunately, the announced MPs couldn’t manage to join the activity.

Conference participants expressed their serious concerns about the lack of dialog between business and the authorities in such a complex matter of gambling legalization.

Based on the opinion of participants, summarizing the international successful experience of reformation and regulation of the gambling industry, as well as taking into account the previous negative cases in some countries, conference attendees addressed the Presidential Representative in Kherson region Yuriy Husyev. He was tasked with publishing the info in social networks and addressing the President with the issue of his supervision of the improvement of a draft law “On State Regulation of Activities in the Organization and Conduct of Gambling”, aiming to avoid serious mistakes that might prevent the bill or provoke negative consequences for the gambling segment and the society.

Participants have also appealed to mass media asking for the support in reaching out to the authorities and helping to attract the qualified specialists to upgrade the draft law, aiming to prevent the failure of the President’s initiative in case of adopting the non-professional and incomplete bill.

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