Gaming affiliates: how to make money online?

Gaming affiliates: how to make money online?

Affiliate program is a common way of earning on the Internet today. Affiliates provide advantages for both parties involved: resources with goods and services attract customers, and affiliates make profit.

Programs are widely used among gaming services: in such a way various casinos and online games find new users. Let’s find out what gaming affiliate programs are and how they help to make money.

What is gaming affiliate?

Gaming, as well as any other, affiliate program is a kind of cooperation between the owner of the product or service and the service advertising it. In the case of gaming, various online casinos and gaming services advertise their platforms on partners’ websites.

Types of gaming affiliate programs

CPA affiliates

This kind of programs is the most common one. It allows you to make profit for the actions of attracted players, including installation of the game, making a deposit, playing and other actions, determined by each partner individually.

File hosting services

In such a program, the partner gains profit from downloading games: files hosted on the server. Offered for download are not only games, but also license keys or codes. One can also sell game currency and accounts.

Contextual advertising and game review

You can earn money by posting articles about gaming services. Video reviews of gaming novelties are popular and bring revenue to partners as well.

How to make money on gaming affiliate program?

Different types of gaming CPA affiliates offer different ways of paying for advertising.

Payment for registration

It is the most low-paid type of payment, however, in this method can provide you with profit quickly. Partner gets deductions for each attracted player: all the user needs is to install the application.

Payment for active gamers

Active players are defined by various gaming networks in different ways. For example, it can be a gamer, who use an application for several hours or a player, who has reached a certain level in the game. An active gamer may be also a user, who participated in a certain number of games on the online service.

Percentage of casino profits from attracted players

In this case, the Revenue share model is applied. According to it, a part of the casino profits provided by the player is deducted to the benefit of the partner.

Interest rates vary: in some online games, partners can get up to 60% of the profits.

Examples of gaming affiliate programs


This affiliate program provides a wide choice of offers in various fields, including 66 gaming offers and 20 gambling ones.
The income is deducted to partners for attracting new players. Another popular feature of the service is the active player payment system: if someone uses the application within 2 hours, partner receives profit.

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