What works in Central Europe, may not be a hit in Latin America – CEO of Endorphina Jan Urbanec

What works in Central Europe, may not be a hit in Latin America – CEO of Endorphina Jan Urbanec

What slots from Endorphina are the most successful? What are the benefits and peculiarities of these games? How to work with streamers? CEO of Endorphina Jan Urbanec answers these questions in the interview for Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference.

Jan is an experienced executive of the financial projects who has been working at Endorphina since 2014. He started as a Vice President of sales, was involved into searching of business contacts, analyzing the market and creating development strategies. Now acts as a CEO at Endorphina and currently focuses on entering new regulated markets.

The interviewer: Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference (KIAC)

The respondent: Jan Urbanec (J.U.)

KIAC: How long has Endorphina been operating on the market? How many online casino slots are offered now? How did the company start its activity?

J.U.: Endorphina has been active on the iGaming market since the end of 2014. At the moment of this interview, our games are available in more than 700 online casinos.

We formed as a group of highly skilled individual professionals, that aimed to supply the iGaming market with a product that was both traditional and innovative. Right now, Endorphina is an established brand that has achieved its primary goal of penetrating the market and gaining the trust and hearts of their players.

KIAC: What company’s slots are the most popular? What rewards did Endorphina’s solutions receive?

J.U.: Different games have different impacts and popularity. What is playing well in Central Europe, may not be a hit in Latin America, for example.

From the latest releases, I can generally name the very successful games – The “Lucky Streak” series became very popular, “Ancient Troy” was also amazingly well-accepted.

And obviously our “Minotaurus” slot, that is a long-time great performer. I can confirm to you now, exclusively for this interview, that we will be releasing “Minotaurus” in our brand new native HTML5 engine very soon.

KIAC: What are the advantages and features of Endorphina’s games?

J.U.: For the players, one of the main advantages is the clarity and understandable mathematical model. Our games have great mechanics that are simple to comprehend and allow players to get fully immersed in the games, since they can feel that they understand the game’s logic and symbol placement on the reels.
The themes and story of the games are universal and appeals to the different cultures and mentalities.

Also, one of the main advantages for operators that our games offer is the virtually unlimited bonus money deduction system, partnered with our dynamic free spins.

These are the true seamless tools for any online platform to manage their own bonuses with Endorphina games and without any limits.

KIAC: How beneficial and efficient is the provider’s collaboration with partners? What factors affect this aspect?

J.U.: This is a very broad question. The benefits are obvious – you get high quality games that are technically sound and reliable. You get proper services from our account management team and when Endorphina delivers a new innovative product, you will be one of the first ones to have the game in your portfolio.

The main factor in this is communication – we live for feedback from our customers. Whether it’s the behavior of players, or finding out exactly what they love or what they hate. Anything the players are passionate about is important. Any requirements our customers may have are also important for us to understand and then decide if we need to implement them.

KIAC: Tell us more details about the company’s experience in the Minotaurus slot on the Twitch platform.

J.U.: As I’ve mentioned before, “Minotaurus” is one of our early releases that had a very fast increase in popularity, thanks to its innovative feature of the “rising multiplier” and the combination of the streamers being in love with the thrill that came with this feature.

The emotions that the streamers passed to the players were genuine while the wins that “Minotaurus” delivered were quite substantial.

Each time the Minotaurus stomped the ground and the multiplier rose by one point, the streamers were cheering and shouting and the players wanted to live through the same experience as the streamers.

KIAC: What are the special aspects of working with such affiliate partners as streamers?

J.U.: You need to have a good relationship with the people promoting your content. We have to supply them with materials, information and the latest news.

Sometimes we supply them with our branded merchandise, for example, the last time it was our Endorphina-games-themed socks.

Then it’s up to them if they love it so much to end up keeping it, or simply pass the merch onto their players.

KIAC: What factors primarily affect brand loyalty?

J.U.: In my experience it is consistency. But that can be broken down to more sub-points. The reliability of software and the actual technical solution cannot contain any bugs. The experience each new game brings to the players are always somewhat similar and familiar, but still with an aspect that is exciting and new.

KIAC: Are there some free content sources for affiliates?

J.U.: We’ll answer this question to each affiliate individually. Contact Endorphina’s Marketing department!

At Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2019, Jan will make a presentation titled: “Affiliates: quest for a free content search”. Join the event to ask your question to the speaker.

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