KiAC Experts About the Role of International Experience and Public Discussions in Ukrainian Gambling Business Legalization

KiAC Experts About the Role of International Experience and Public Discussions in Ukrainian Gambling Business Legalization

Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference took place on December 18, 2019, allowing Ukrainian and foreign experts to discuss gambling legalization in the country. At the event, we talked to speakers and panel discussion participants in order to discover their opinions regarding the key legalization issues.

This material examines attitudes of gambling specialists towards the role of international experience and public discussions of industry legislation in the development of the Ukrainian gambling market.

Expert respondents:

Lavrenty Gubin: Marketing and Public Relations Director at Storm International (the most popular brand is Shangri La Casino). He started his gambling career in 2004.

Tetiana Klymenko: Head of Legal Department at Law & Trust International. Experienced specialist in international gambling law.

Maryna Martynenko: Head of HR at Slotegrator. She has 10 years of recruitment experience, two of them in the iGaming sector.

How useful is international experience in gambling business operations for the development of the Ukrainian gambling market?

Lavrenty Gubin (Storm International): I believe that we should primarily consider international experience because of the absence of our own one. Therefore, it is important to take into account relevant global trends, to find out what results are obtained and where, as well as to realize how different countries have managed to do this. And, naturally, Ukraine should try to implement certain actions.

Tetiana Klymenko (Law & Trust International): International experience is beneficial. However, we do not have to adopt everything existing in EU, US, or Asian countries and blindly copy their legislation. It is crucial to understand the practice of other countries, their inflow of investments and profitability. We should properly compare the figures as an example without hoping for a miracle after the adoption of the bill and assess the real chances of gambling business benefits. Advantages mean economic growth, controlled revenues and investments, gambling addiction prevention.


Currently, gamblers are not protected at the state level. That’s wrong.

Maryna Martynenko (Slotegrator): It is indeed useful, as the milestones are in Europe, the USA, and Asia. It is always simpler not to reinvent the wheel, but to adapt an off-the-shelf solution to your market. Thus, I think that international experience is favorable and interesting. Europe, the USA, and Asia are ready to share it. This is a perfect opportunity.

Is it important to discuss gambling legalization publicly?

Lavrenty Gubin (Storm International): This issue should be discussed publicly anyway to make the community be at least aware of the gambling business concept.


95% of society knows nothing about this activity because only 5% of people tend to games of chance. Therefore, one can inflict any idea on them. If people do not understand the concept of anything, they can believe everything told about this.


People have to find out what the gambling business means, why it exists, and how it should evolve. All of these things should be revealed.


Public discussions will help in this matter. Negative attitudes will decrease because of greater common awareness. The less negative, the better operations.

Tetiana Klymenko (Law & Trust International): The introduction of the bill to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine was followed by many discussions and even TV shows on whether to conduct a referendum dedicated to the legalization of Ukrainian gambling businesses. According to news portals, a lot of people who are not engaged in gambling government regulation do not support the legalization, as their children have participated in gambling and lost cars, property, etc.


It is significant to discuss this issue publicly in order to explain society the idea of gambling business and the ways of its growth. The most important thing is to talk about human protection if gambling businesses are legalized. It should be reported and discussed properly.


Conferences involve experts in this field. You should not tell them essentials. However, we should anyway inform people of these aspects using public discussions and news portals.

Maryna Martynenko (Slotegrator): I believe that public discussions have an enormous impact. The more companies come out of the shadow, the more they work on their reputation management. Today’s conference has analyzed quite interesting and moral topics. Speakers have revealed how the industry copes with problem gambling. Public discussions of legalization positively affect the industry's reputation in general.

At KiAC, we also communicated with other gambling experts. We offer you to review an interview with Oleksiy Yevchenko, Vice President of Ukrainian Gaming Industry Association.

On 11-12 of March, Ukrainian Gaming Week will discuss the legalization of the gambling business in Ukraine, reviewing the adopted draft law and steps taken for its implementation. 

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