Operational concept of YouTube affiliate program

Operational concept of YouTube affiliate program

According to the YouTube official blog, the amount of channel authors whose revenues were more than 100 000 dollars increased by 40% in the last year. One of the key monetization resources on YouTube is affiliate programs. Cooperation with them allows channel owners to make YouTube the main place for earnings. To choose an appropriate affiliate program, you should understand their concept and purposes.           

How YouTube affiliate program works  

Affiliate programs are created by companies producing goods or providing services as well as intermediaries promoting businesses. One of the platforms where manufacturers can promote their goods is YouTube. YouTube also has its own affilate program. Cooperation with the affiliate program allows YouTubers to develop and monetize their channels.       

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Channel owners conclude an agreement and become participants of the affiliate program. They place advertising of goods or services and receive a percent of revenue when people buy offers. There are different payment options. Various affiliate programs specify certain actions to be done by a potential customer.         

• Cost per click. Authors place ads on their channels and obtain income when visitors enter the advertiser’s website. 

• Ad impression. Authors receive a reward depending on the amount of ad views; the estimation starts from thousand times.      

• Comprehensive purchase. Users follow the link, buy something, and the channel author receives a percent of the sum.  

• Specific action. Some affiliate programs pay when users sign up or fill out the form. 

The primary goal is to interest channel viewers in goods or services. You should determine a target audience and take into account its geographical location. 

How to get YouTube affiliate program

To start cooperating with YouTube affiliate programs, you should post videos that will be watched.     

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A good reputation of the channel is also quite significant. You should comply with the rules of the YouTube community. Videos should not:  

• contain sexual scenes;  

• contain realistic and shocking content;   

• contain discriminating expressions; 

• violate confidentiality; 

• violate author’s rights. 

You should also activate channel monetization in the YouTube Creator Studio. To be paid directly by YouTube, you should create the AdSense account.   

After activating monetization, YouTube will check your channel for compliance with all the rules. Only then, you will be able to start earning.    

Factors for setting up affiliate program  

Affiliate programs have different cooperation conditions.  For example, to join the YouTube affiliate program, your channel should have 4000 views in the past 12 months and 1000 subscribers.    

Channel authors will have to choose whether to join YouTube’s direct affiliate program or to use affiliate networks. Besides, you can select a separate affiliate program.   

The advantage of the YouTube affiliate program is that a percent of revenue from advertising charged by the website is fixed and the same for everyone – 45%. 

Affiliate networks establish a percent for channel owners on their own: from 10% to 50%. However, take into account that you give 45% to YouTube and share the rest with the affiliate network.  

For a certain percent, affiliate networks offer the following services: 

• technical support; 

• legal support in complaints relating to author’s rights;

• specialized conferences; 

• assistance in the channel development.

Key requirements: unique author’s videos and solid reputation of the channel, but each affiliate network can also add its own aspects. 

How to create YouTube affiliate program 

To create your own affiliate program, you should:

• prepare a high-quality product corresponding to the ad description; 

• specify the website providing detailed information about your goods or services; 

• define how much money you are ready to pay to those promoting your product and on what terms;  

• develop advertising tools (links, videos, banners).

You can create an affiliate program with the help of programmers who will develop an individual interface or use services assisting in affiliate program preparations.   

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If you want to design your own affiliate network or Multi Channel Network, you need a team of employees to provide support and work with both parties: manufacturing companies and YouTube channel owners.     

It is important to follow the rules regulating partnership relations on YouTube: 

• do not use false information to attract more channels to the network;  

• comply with the rules of the YouTube community;  

• honestly inform users of the network conditions. 

When you adjust the affiliate program, it’s time to launch it. To make the program efficient, you should regularly evolve it: talk to partners, update advertising tools, and analyze competitors’ programs.    

According to YouTube, the video hosting service is attended by 1.9 billion users every month. As of today, it is a major platform allowing to grow online businesses and use the website as the primary source of income.   

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