What a Webmaster Should Do for Facebook not to Block the Account

What a Webmaster Should Do for Facebook not to Block the Account

Facebook is one of the most profitable platforms for advertising and arbitrage. The platform provides high conversion rates but webmasters often face such a problem as blocking of advertising accounts. This article offers a collection of recommendations on how to avoid bans practiced by webmasters.

Facebook wants to become a leader in the online advertising market. According to representatives of the company, the revenue from the advertising equaled to $17 billion in the second quarter of 2017. At the same time, the average cost of advertisements in the company’s services dropped by 4% and the number of impressions grew by 33%. The platform is attracting a growing number of arbitrage specialists interested in big profits, impressive ROI, and huge volumes.

Facebook can bring over $1,000 of net profit per day, but many webmasters encounter the problem of bans literally several days after the start of work. Bans take place quickly, without warnings and explanation of reasons, as in most cases, the decision is taken by algorithms that respond to the slightest suspicious actions.

To avoid blocks, one has to either advertise white offers only or warm-up accounts correctly or use alternative traffic sources. It is important to investigate these issues before the registration by studying all the nuances of work with the platform and basic rules of running an advertising campaign.

Advantages of Facebook

Advantages of Facebook

As an advertising platform, Facebook is attractive to webmasters for several reasons. The main reason is the constantly growing, live, and greatly engaged audience. Back in 2005, the number of users around the world was 1 billion and reached 2 billion in 2017. The number of active users from Russia reached 6.2 million per day in 2018.

Facebook is handy for running advertising campaigns because it allows targeting the audience. It is simple to sort out potential customers by interests, gender, age, and other important parameters. It allows showing ads to the target audience and increase conversion rates.

What to take care of at the stage of registration

Facebook not to Block the Account

There are rules to follow for the advertising account not to get banned. A webmaster should take into account all peculiarities of Facebook as early as at the stage of registration. For example, one account requires using one dedicated server, one email address and phone number, which should be connected to one region and be “clean” (not related to blocked pages).

  1. Choice of a dedicated server. A dedicated server is needed for Facebook not to be able to identify the webmaster by the MAC address. It should be previously unused – such servers are available on deer.io. It is easy to set up and start using the dedicated server, the webmaster can start the work straight afterward, preliminary safeguarding him or herself by connecting to the server using VPN.

  2. IP4 proxy for Facebook. IP4 proxies should be also “clean”, their GEO should be identical with the dedicated server. The adjustment of IP4 depends on the browser used by the webmaster. The ideal option is to find proxies specially dedicated for the work with FB proxies, which can be found on specialized resources.

  3. Registration of account. The email used for the registration can be registered for real or deliberately purchased. The same relates to SIM cards: one can use real or virtual cards. GEO of the email and number should match the GEO of the dedicated server.

After the registration, it is recommended to warm-up the account by adding several dozens of friends and making several posts – this will postpone the block in the future. Besides, the webmaster can buy accounts: it is better not to overpay for them, especially at the start of work with FB, as beginners always make mistakes.

Start of work with Facebook

Registration of Facebook account is a rather simple process. It is more difficult to make it last for a certain time and bring a profit. If the webmaster is just starting to work with the platform, it is important to be ready for the situation when a part of accounts will not bring any returns. To get the maximum effect, one has to adhere to a number of principles and try not to make actions suspicious to the platform.

Studying the rules. After the registration of an advertising account, the webmaster should attentively and thoughtfully study the rules. The savvier the webmaster is, the more chances there are that the account is not blocked straight away. It is better to start with white products and a new profile is needed for each campaign.

Virtual boxes or spy browsers. If Facebook applies a block, it relates to hardware, so that the webmaster cannot register a new account through the browser. In this case, a virtual box or spy browser can help. For example, spy browsers (Sphere, Indigo, or Spy) allow changing user agents, cookies for every account and proxy. There are comprehensible online video lessons explaining how to use multilogin.

Payments. The webmaster has to tie the payment card to the advertising account making sure that names coincide there. Facebook shows much trust in bank cards, both real and virtual ones. Besides, the webmaster can use Qiwi prepaid card, the advantage of which is the possibility to connect several accounts to one phone number. It is better not to connect the account to PayPal, which sends data directly to FB.

Domains. It is important to use your own domains registered earlier than literally yesterday. The ideal option is when these websites are older than one year – such sites can be purchased at a low price. Facebook does not allow using direct affiliate links.

Rules for running an advertising campaign

Soft-sell advertising verticals on Facebook include such directions as e-commerce, insurance, education, mobile apps, games. It is better to start from white offers, but the webmaster should be cautious even with them, as a too aggressive promotional campaign can lead to a ban. Here are several important steps one should not forget about when starting to work with Facebook:

  • It is preferable not to change billing details, as bots consider such actions to be suspicious.

  • It is definitely necessary to run split tests, as dozens of similar advertisements are inefficient.

  • Different advertising verticals require different accounts.

  • The first verticals and ads should comply with the rules of the social network to the full.

  • It is ineffective to launch campaigns targeting foreign audiences on new accounts if the payment card and IP relate to the CIS.

  • Viral ads ensure the highest ROI.

  • One account – one payment card, one domain, one proxy.

  • Types of advertising banned by Facebook (adult, gambling) can be promoted only by bypassing the rules.


Facebook has several millions of advertisers, whose activities are monitored by the special algorithm that blocks accounts in the case of prohibited actions. On the slightest suspicion of driving up the numbers, the webmaster can be banned. However, the network remains one of the most promising platforms for arbitrage. It is possible to avoid blocks and get the maximum of profit per day if you hold on tight to the requirements of the soft-sell vertical and properly bypass rules when working with grey offers.

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