Levon Nikoghosyan, СЕО at PartnerMatrix: В2В Gambling Companies Should Be Always Aware of Competitors’ Advancement

Levon Nikoghosyan, СЕО at PartnerMatrix: В2В Gambling Companies Should Be Always Aware of Competitors’ Advancement

Levon Nikoghosyan started his way in the gambling world in his student days. Leaving the institute, he totally dug into work and began to climb gradually the career ladder. Currently, he is CEO at PartnerMatrix, EveryMatrix’s subsidiary specializing in the development of gambling software.

We talked to Levon about the beginning of his career, activity at BetConstruct, establishment of PartnerMatrix, and gambling industry future.

“I left the institute, dug into work, and this was the start of my way in the gambling sector”

I was an ordinary student disappointing after the entry to my favorite physics department that failed to justify my expectations. I was fascinated by programming in the early years, and all I could do after the university entrance was keep exploring this area. I focused on freelancing and my own projects. Then, at a certain point, I was hired halftime as a junior programmer by a small IT company. Now, it is considered one of Armenia’s largest gambling firms. After a while, I left the institute and entirely got into work, which was the beginning of my path in the gambling industry.

“My team at BetConstruct developed affiliate programs and agent systems”

BetConstruct opened my team and me the door to the gambling business. Back then, the company took the first steps towards the B2B aspect. During that period, we managed to examine industry solutions, get to know our competitors better, and overrun them later on. Our team designed affiliate products and agent systems.

“We established a subsidiary of EveryMatrix in Armenia and renamed it as PartnerMatrix in order to stress our independence”

In early 2015, my team and I initiated a subsidiary of EveryMatrix in Armenia. To stress our self-sufficiency and independence, we renamed the company as PartnerMatrix. Afterwards, this decision positively affected the cooperation with EveryMatrix’s competitors treating PartnerMatrix as a separate company.

The first success of the Armenian subsidiary was the fact that the majority of EveryMatrix’s operators shifted to our affiliate platform. PartnerMatrix’s earnings grew, and the company became lucrative by the end of 2016.

“I am responsible for the company success at PartnerMatrix”

At PartnerMatrix, we elaborate affiliate programs as well as directly cooperate with partners, operators, and affiliate news portals. We can boast pretty talented and experienced employees. We have been working together with many of them for more than seven years, and the great thing about this is that no one is limited to their obligations. Team members have sufficient experience to express freely their opinions regarding related sectors and to contribute to the product progress.

It is hard to specify all of my duties. In brief, I would mention the company success.

“В2В companies should be aware of competitors’ advancement”

B2B companies have to face one crucial factor in the gambling industry: they should be always informed of competitors’ achievements. It is significant to know what surprises they prepare for you, what they work on, and what direction they choose. It is anything but the B2C environment where you can easily become a client of your competitor and receive newsletters about its updates. This field requires an action strategy and the readiness for rapid changes.

“A lot of operators find out about PartnerMatrix’s products at events dedicated to gambling and affiliate marketing”

Participation in gambling and affiliate marketing events allows me to get acquainted with new people engaged in our industry, meet old friends, feel the pulse of our sector, and, surely, share PartnerMatrix news. A lot of operators find out about us and our products using such events and presentations there.

“I believe that operators will pay fees to affiliates even for reactivated players in 5 years”

Today, the gambling industry shows several highly discussed trends: cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and VR gambling.

My subjective opinion is the following: VR gambling will remain irrelevant to players in the coming 5 years because of requiring too much time to enjoy it. There will be new giant providers operating only with cryptocurrencies and without any licenses. Some major gambling platforms will introduce the possibility to refill accounts with cryptocurrencies. Blockchain will be the core technology for storing special data: consent to the rules and terms, sending of notifications to players, etc.

It is difficult to predict new trends for 5 years, but I believe that operators will pay fees to affiliates not only for new players but also for reactivated ones. You have my word!

Levon will be involved in Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference to be held on September 26. He will moderate a panel discussion revealing how to find a balance between casinos, betting, and esports.

The detailed event program is available here >>>

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