Traffic arbitrage on Instagram

Traffic arbitrage on Instagram

Arbitrage on Instagram is one of the most promising ways to attract the audience, with the amount of registered social media users being 1.1 billion people in 2018. Instagram has its own operational features that should be taken into account when generating traffic.       

Concept of arbitrage on Instagram

Traffic arbitrage is the redirection of users from one resource to another (which is ready to pay for these users). Traffic can be bought and earned on the difference, for example, on contextual advertising services. There are also other ways of obtaining traffic: using email newsletters, video blogs, and social media. It is freemium methods, which do not require huge financial investments but will take some time.   

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Such approaches include arbitrage on Instagram: giving away of its users to a certain resource for the reward.  

How Instagram can benefit from traffic arbitrage: 

• pretty large audience (a half of one billion users actively utilizes the app);   

• the use of hashtags allowing to make posts well marked regardless of the account popularity;   

• one can gain traffic with minimum investments.  

To receive revenue from Instagram traffic, you can use Mass Following (when the program subscribes to users who meet the age and preferences) and Mass Liking (the same as Mass Following, but with likes instead of subscriptions), improve and sell accounts, as well promote partners’ products.   

One of the Instagram disadvantages is its strict rules, thus you can be banned for grey methods of promotion. A special nature of the social network is that the live reference is given only in the account and can be added to posts by ordering targeted advertising.             

Ways of arbitrage on Instagram

Over the recent year, the rules of using Instagram with the advertising purpose have become more severe. Therefore, arbitrage managers should be careful in order to prevent their account from ban. Let’s examine several efficient methods for attracting visitors.     

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There are the following methods of generating traffic on Instagram: 

• To create and popularize your own account. In this case, it will steadily bring traffic. However, you will have to spend lots of time and efforts to develop your account. It is important to use key words and hashtags, adhere to the selected topic, and make interesting posts that will arouse users’ desire to like and comment them.       

• To buy an advertising post in the news feed or someone else’s group. You should determine top accounts fitting the topic and covering the target audience.     

• To use your profile page as an advertising account for automatic likes, subscriptions, and comments, allowing to enhance traffic (it can be performed using special programs). Thus, you can catch the audience’s attention and receive likes or subscriptions in reply. It is not quite a reliable method, as the selected audience can be inactive and the account can be banned.     

• To buy advertising on the exchange, for instance, Epicstars, SpellFeed, or Adstamer. 

• To buy official advertising from Instagram. Its settings can be controlled via Facebook: you can adjust a geolocation, age, gender, etc.    

Important! You should use the double account system in order to minimize ban risks because of Mass Following and Mass Liking. For this purpose, you can create an additional profile page, which publications will contain calling to follow the main account (including a link to a required resource).     

Where to find arbitrage offers

Working with Instagram for traffic arbitrage, you should take into account that this network is primarily used on smartphones. So, you should direct users to resources that have mobile versions; otherwise, traffic will be lost.   

Initially, it is better to choose verified by other users and reliable affiliate programs. Any offer should provide clear and transparent terms of transaction and pay-offs. Ad1 can be referred to verified affiliate program.    

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Ad1. It makes payments once per week, introduces offers by online stores, fintech sector, and finances (there are 1500 offers now). The network also provides users with convenient tools (promotion codes, flows).    

A way of traffic arbitrage on Instagram depends on the offer as well. For example, official ad buying will be inappropriate for prohibited goods and dubious quality services (for instance, so-called “weight-loss” products). You will be immediately banned for this. However, similar goods can be successfully promoted using Mass Following and Mass Liking.       

Given the audience nature (people from around the world), Instagram allows to successfully promote WOW goods and products designed for foreign consumers. Besides, it is preferable to choose unhackneyed goods because novelties draw more attention.   

Software for Instagram operation

Platforms like SocialHammer will be useful for the independent improvement of your website.  It is a special service for social media promotion, which will help to increase the target audience. The platform is paid but there is an opportunity to use a test version (for 7 days).          

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To add a link to the account, you will have to enter your phone number. There are services allowing to buy the SMS confirmation or to lease a virtual SIM card (it will be useful if you register a lot of accounts), for example, SMS-REG.COM.    

Moreover, Instagram arbitrage will require: 

• Android Emulator such as BlueStacks and special software to provide it with proxy (ProxyCap). It ensures the correct app operation on a PC;      

• Auto Liking and Auto Subscribe apps (Instasoft, Instatool). There are programs uniting several features for convenient arbitrage (Mass Following, Mass Liking, proxy, registration), for instance, SocialKit; 

• a website for the user-friendly search for hashtags —; 

• services helping to parse images like GoogleImageFinder; 

• a platform for creating postponed posts on Instagram: SMMPlanner.


Earnings on Instagram arbitrage is quite a real task that can bring huge profit if you spend enough time and efforts. At least, you can create content for your account, explore software, examine aspects of domain purchase and adjustment, as well as realize accurate limits of the social network and consumer’s needs.     

Methods of account promotion and audience attraction can be both grey and official. Each of them have its own features and risks. It is up to users to decide what is more reasonable.  

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